Monday, January 7, 2013

A few splurges were in order

Over the past few weeks I have used a bit of my Christmas bonus and the $100 visa gift card to purchase a few wants and needs for myself. Boy, does that feel good! One of the "needs" was a new pair of tennis shoes for $35. My old ones were bought in 2007 and I've just plain wore them out. I can still wear them around the house and working out in the yard, but they just don't look nice enough anymore to wear out in public, without looking like a bum. Plus, these new ones (black slip on Sketchers) are nice enough to wear to work with jeans. The other need was a new bra - that was a serious need! I bought one at Kohl's for $30 after sale price and discount. The old one went straight into the garbage can, it was that bad.

For my wants I used the $100 Visa gift card and purchased the duvet cover and (still to be purchased, though it will happen this week) sheet set. I spent $22 or so of my bonus on the new comforter purchased on Black Friday. It has been sitting in my closet since then....just waiting for me to get that duvet cover! It should be here in a couple of days. I'd say the comforter was somewhere in between a need and a want, considering the condition of our current comforter. The other want purchase was a new tote bag for carrying my work back and forth from home to the office. Remember, puppy chewed up the one I had. I've been using a canvas type tote that I had, but it's too soft sided and more tall and narrow. Plus, it doesn't look professional at all.  This is what I bought at Kohl's:
It was regularly $70, on sale for half, plus another 20% off. So, you can see I didn't go hog wild and buy some bag that cost several hundred dollars. Just something basic that looks nice and will fit my needs for the next 5 years or so....assuming I remember to keep it off the floor by my desk...away from puppy teeth.  Now, I suppose I could have just gotten by with using the tote that wasn't very functional, but part of being successful is how you present yourself on the job.

The only other little thing I can think of that I still want is a new lunch bag. I've been using the same bag for over 10 years now and it's bright blue and just kind of ugly. I've told DD I'd like a new one for my birthday, so hopefully she will remember.

Sometimes you just gotta splurge on yourself a bit and take care of those basic needs, too.


  1. You're absolutely right. Especially in the more professional type jobs, appearances can and will have a big effect on you and how you're perceived. I feel what you say though. I spent over $15 in... socks. But nice ones, and I really, really needed them! 3 pairs are too big, 3 are short, but I love my over-the-knee ones. I'm very very happy with them. It's the small things, sometimes...

  2. I swear going to work I look like a pack horse..something about being a CNA plus going to nursing school adds two bags plus my work bag. But I really like that bag!!!!

  3. Love your new bag!! It's classic & beautiful! :) Enjoy & great job finding such an awesome deal!! :)

  4. Ahhhhh can't wait to splurge on .... well SOMETHING fun lol. Love the bag -- LOVE Kohl's - gotta love all the sales & coupons!