Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Getting organized

During my break from work, during the holidays, I also managed to get my walk-in closet and Christmas wrapping in order. It's not a huge walk-in closet so it's always feeling a bit overstuffed. For the past many years I have kept all my bags, tissue paper, bows, and tags inside another huge gift bag. As the bag got old and falling apart I just used packing tape to keep it together. This year it finally fell apart for good. Plus, it took up alot of room in my closet and was always in the way. My wrapping tubes are under the bed, loose.

I purchased 2, long, under the bed plastic storage boxes. I was able to fit all my Christmas wrapping stuff in both of them and they fit perfectly under my bed. I put my birthday/general bags and wrapping in a smaller gift bag and that is still in the closet since we use that kind of wrapping more often. And then I cleaned out the closet and took 2 big bags of old clothes and shoes to Goodwill. It's actually a walk-in closet again!


  1. Nice! I love those underbed storage boxes. I bought a wrapping paper holder about 10 years ago, & still use it. It corrals all of my stuff! :-)

  2. I also have a wrapping paper/gift bag holder. I got it at an after Christmas sale several years ago. It's great!

  3. Nice!!! I love to be organized. My dilemma is that I want to save what I normally would donate for a garage sale. I have no space to save it except under my bed! uhgh!