Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Burgers and fries

I'm really trying to reduce the amount of fast food meals each week.  Every Thursday I stop on my way home and pick up Dh (and Ds, if he's around) a burger and fries from the local burger drive-up joint.  That I am keeping in the budget, but trying  to cook at home the rest of the week.  It's SO hard for me.  I HATE cooking, plain and simple.  I did well Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday - 4 days in a row!.  Last night I went to McDonald's for our dinner - $18.  But it's also been very warm this past week and I just didn't want to spend a 5th night in a row in a hot kitchen making dinner.  Tonight I'll make tuna casserole and then tomorrow will be Thursday fast food night.  2 nights of fast food expense in one week is better than 3 or 4, I guess.  Dh would eat it every night if I let him and believe me - some nights I'd like to!

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