Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Ways I Save

One of the ways I save money on my "entertainment" is by using the local library.  I love to read but certainly cannot afford to purchase books all the time, even 2nd hand used books.  Our library is less than 2 miles away so I frequent it almost weekly.  It's basically an endless supply of reading material, dvd movies, and books on CD.  I listen to the books on CD on my hour drive to work and back (3 times a week).  I enjoy it so much and it makes the drive go by so fast!  Movies, at least current releases are a little harder to get in a timely manner, but I just go online and reserve several that I want to see and they seem to trickle in, giving me enough to watch.  When I get low on books to read I have reserved I just go online to say the Barnes and Noble bestseller list or one of the bookclubs websites and see what books are popular and new and add them to my reserve list.  I do sometimes have to wait quite awhile for newer popular titles, but it's really not that big of deal to me, as long as I have something to read.  Several years ago I was paying $15 a month or so for Netflix.  When RedBox came out I dropped that.  Now I just use the library for movies or RedBox when I come across a free code.

I've kind of been "itching" for an e-reader, like the Nook or Kindle.  I had myself all talked out of it pretty easily, since I can't afford to purchase the books for it. But then I recently realized I can borrow books from the library to an e-reader!  The Kindle isn't part of downloading system, but the Nook is.  I think I'll hold out awhile and see if the price comes down some.  The black and white version is $139 (do-able) and the color is $249.  Still out of my budget, but something I could put on my christmas or birthday wish list.

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