Friday, August 12, 2011

Money and paint

This painting of the house project  started out as "let's do all this ourselves".  Then it turned into "let's hire the guy who did our friends house - we do the prep work and trim (after) and this painter guy just comes in and sprays the main color (our friend paid $500 - I figured maybe $800 or our house).  Now it's turned into "let's have the painter guy do ALL of it".....for $1800!  While I will say that is a very reasonable price to have it all done with very little work on our part (dh estimates $200 in materials to replace some rotted trim pieces)..a total of $2000 is not really in my budget for the next month.  $1500 or so I can do...but we are also hitting the time constraints where we need to do this in the next 2 months or it gets to wet and rainy.  And dh acts like I should just have $2000 laying around, no problem. HELLLOOOO? What world is he living in?  We live on one income, paycheck to paycheck, remember?  I can't seem to even mention money or budgeting around Dh or he goes into breakdown mode.

He has always acted like he is just owed money and should be rich - without having to work for it.  He actually labored his butt off for 15 years, but never made any money, it all went back into his business which was really just giving other's a paycheck and not us, money all just down the drain, really.  He doesn't get that for the most part the folks he thinks he should be like actually worked like crazy to get it and understood HOW to do it.  Like the guys that own the company I work for - they got where they are by many many hours, lots of promoting themselves and their business (something dh has never been willing to do) and making smart money decisions.  They didn't get it buy sitting around saying "I wish I was rich".

I TRY so hard to make our dollars go as far as they can and it actually pisses him off!  He'd rather just spend the money and not have to worry about where it comes from or if there is even the money for it in the first place.  We are on such opposite ends of the spectrum where money is concerned it's scary.  I guess I'd have some appreciation of his method of money handling if he actually contributed any! He won't get a job, even part time, and he won't make the effort it's going to take to get some disability or SSI income coming in.

I did finally set him up with a doctors appt soon.  To get established with a physician and go from there on his health problems. He hasn't been to the doctor in a good 5 years. After spending several years seeing many specialists and testing for no answer.  He would not take any medicine for his symptoms as he was afraid it would mask his symptoms while they were trying to diagnose him.  He finally seems at the point now he is ready to try medicines.  So maybe this will be the step towards getting some medicine to feel better (and maybe feel like working again?) or towards getting disability.  We have to do something about it one way or the other.  I've sat back and just "let him be" long enough now.

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