Monday, August 8, 2011

Extra Money??

Since the painter hasn’t shown up and Dh hasn’t wanted to get started on the prep work I haven’t had to spend any of the money sitting in my checking account earmarked for this.  I feel rich! I currently have $700 left over from my last paycheck.  That hasn’t happened in a LONG time.  Theoretically, on paper, it should happen every month, but all these other expenses come up each month. 

With that extra money and no painting project started yet I can just FEEL Dh wanting to spend that money on something else….something wasteful…and I just keep TRYING to hold him off (mark my words - this painting project will end up getting postponed until next spring or longer or never).  He is the worst at spending any extra money.  And as always seems to happen in our marriage I finally cave into what he wants because I get tired of his constant asking and pouting if he doesn’t get what he wants.  Now that he doesn’t work anymore he’s not nearly as bad as he used to be – he knows better for the most part…but every so often he relapses and he’s impossible to live with until I give in.  Mostly I give in just because it usually involves spending on something that actually gets him out of the house – even if it’s for just the day!

I worked on some budgeting of my next 2 paychecks (I get paid twice a month) and (if the $700 we have now is not spent) by the end of this month, after payday on the 31st and paying bills, I will have over $2000!!  I keep looking at it over and over.  Something must be wrong, I must have forgot to list something!  Even if the painting comes to $1000, I’ll still have over $1000 left.  This can’t be.  Extra, unspent money hasn’t happened in months and months.  I’ll let you know when I find my mistake :-/

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