Monday, August 20, 2018

Moving update

To say I am tired would be an understatement.  Friday was a 12 hour day. We got everything from our current shop loaded and dropped off at the property. DH had rented a small forklift for loading and the builder had delivered a larger "telehandler" type forklift to our property. It took like 5 or 6 trips with the trailer. DH still needed to let the floor "cure" so he just set all the pallets on our house garage pad and out in the gravel area. We covered most of it with tarps. Because you hasn't rained a drop in months, but of course it rained Friday. Saturday morning he called the guy he rented the forklift from (he just lives around the block) and when DH asked him how much he owed him, he said "nothing, don't worry about it". Nice :)

He was going to wait until Sunday to start moving all the stuff into the shop. Saturday morning we slept in a bit (that was nice!) and were just going out there to lay our the big piece of carpet we bought, to put in our sleeping/living area. Well, then he decided he'd start moving stuff in. We had bought some heavy weight flooring type paper (ram board) to lay underneath the pallets.  10 hours later we had most of it loaded inside. It's all completely stuffed in there, but DH ended up with a little bit more room than he thought he would have, so that helps. We slept in yesterday morning and he went out there by himself and did a bit more. I went out in the afternoon and helped him get our old t-bird car squeezed in as close to the pallets as possible. I'm not even taking a pic of it all. It's embarrassing, really how much "stuff" it all is. Old truck stuff, tons of old race car stuff, bins and more bins.

and mice are already chewing their way into the shop thru the corner of the garage doors! We set traps Saturday night before we left and caught one. This morning DH said two more were caught. Guess we'll be getting a shop cat.

Today he is out there waiting for a delivery and doing odds and ends. The phone/internet is supposed to get hooked up tomorrow. I'm home trying to finish up laundry (mostly just the bedding). Everything else is packed, other than the clothes, toiletries and food we need to take.

So, the appraisal on this house was supposed to get turned in Friday. It did not. So, obviously our closing is delayed at least a day now. I don't get it....she had a deadline to turn it in and just doesn't? She just gets to turn it in whenever she gets around to it?

Tomorrow the movers we hired are coming in the morning. Thank God we decided to do that! I don't think, well I know, we couldn't get all this furniture moved by ourselves as well as some heavy bins. Hopefully that all goes well.  And the weather is cooling down to 68 today.  So much nicer.


  1. Wow, it seems like everything is moving fast, now! Do you think your husband will ever be willing to sell all that stuff? Maybe use the proceeds for anither project? My husband is a holder-on, too.

    1. he keeps promising me he is going to sell some of it. I'll believe it when I see it. I keep saying he could use the money for new project stuff, which he likes that idea, but when it comes right down to the act of getting rid of/selling is when he changes his mind.

  2. I don't think you can ever be prepared for moving however hard you work can you. I know I couldn't which is why I am (yet again) trying to get rid of stuff. But then every time you clear a space some little gremlin comes along and fills it up again!

  3. I'm so glad you went with movers instead of trying to do it all yourselves!!! Don't those mice know this is a NEW garage and they need to find somewhere else to go???? Shop cat is a brilliant idea!!!

  4. You have to be exhausted.
    Here's a tip re: mice. Take aluminum foil and wad it up in a ball or freeform of sorts. Stuff the holes or corners where they enter with the foil. Try and leave no space just foil. Mice hate the foil. Let me know if this works. :)

  5. Put galvanized hardware cloth over where ever they come in. Leave enough room for the shop cat to get to the mice. If they can get in, there is room for cold air come in. They will love your bedding and clothing to chew for nests.