Friday, August 24, 2018

A much better day

Aside from waking up not feeling well and spending half my morning in the turned out to be a good day. The appraisal finally got turned in first thing this morning and all was good. Appraised at what it needed to and no requirements for anything to be fixed/repaired. (the inspector thought they would call out the siding cracks). We are now supposed to close next Wednesday. A week late.

DD finally got her promotion to level 2. And not a super great raise, but ok.  She also had two interviews with the big company her fiance works at and is still really hoping something turns up there. They are on a big hiring phase, so her chances sound pretty good, which would be even more money. Her DF is up for a promotion too, and should know soon.

And last but not least, just before 5pm a big truck showed up delivering the start of the house build lumber! Wooo! Construction to start on Monday.

We are trying to adjust to living in a shop. Not easy. Just not enough room. Plus we've been dealing with our tankless water heater (runs on propane) not working most of the time. The guy has been out every day trying to fix it. It would work for a bit, then off and on and then not work. No hot water at all this morning. They had a part overnighted and replaced it. Didn't help. Finally the service guy called up the manufacturer this morning and they fixed the problem. At least it's worked fine all day today, now.

I'm also not used to sleeping in a queen sized bed, especially since DH is a bed hog and one of our big dogs has always slept on the bed with us. We have a bit of room and our king sized mattress is 12 inches wider than a queen. We are thinking of just buying a cheap bed frame (they are like $50) to put our king mattress on. We don't have room, nor do we want, to use our king sleigh bed. It's too nice and is going to stay wrapped up in moving blankets until we get into our house.

I'm still exhausted and not feeling like I'm getting a chance to rest up yet. Hopefully, soon.


  1. all the good things happened, finally. Get the cheap bed to use the king sized mattress. If you cannot sleep well at night, it won't matter how much room you have in the daytime! Or, you could kick one of your bedmates out of the bed. I would not unwrap the sleigh bed, either. Those are so pretty.

    1. The king size will be much more roomy. The queen mattress is really comfortable - just not with dh and a lab, haha. I love my sleigh bed. It's made of cherrywood and so pretty. Something that will definitely last a lifetime and then some.

  2. This is good news! And to think your realtor wanted you to list for 25K less. Hope you go out and do something to celebrate when all this is over. Exciting about your lumber being delivered! Cannot wait to see pictures of the build!
    Oh, and get the bed. Your back will thank you!

    1. That's exactly what our realtor said! He said he felt pretty foolish asking us to list at 200k. He said he recently had to terminate 2 sales that were overpriced and didn't sell (not in our town) so he was a bit gun shy. The queen mattress is super comfortable, just not big enough!