Tuesday, October 18, 2016


Well, we already managed to make one of our neighbors mad.  Behind our little lot is an alley (gravel and dirt).  Both sides had lots of tall weeds. the first weekend we pulled all the weeds on our side (behind shop). Sunday DH took the mower and mowed the weeds down on the empty lot to one side of us (they just mostly seem to grow along the alley) and then did it on the other side of alley, just along the length of our property line. Just a couple of feet deep and however wide our little lot is, up to the wire fence that runs along the alley from the other 2 properties behind us. One of the properties is the ambulance station (which didn't have weeds). The other lot is a house (where most of the weeds ran along the alley).

So, it looks a bunch better. As soon as DH got all done with it the older lady (around 70) gets in her car and drives down the alley and stops and says to DH "can I help you?" DH says "oh, I just mowed the weeds down a bit" and she says "well, I pay to have someone do that". DH says "oh, well, I didn't mind doing it. If you ever need help with it let me know". And just rude as can be she says "you have dogs" - like it's an accusation (the dogs have been in the house this whole time, mind you). DH says "yep. I have 2 dogs".  WTH?!  Not to mention if our dogs are outside they are either in the fenced front (which she can't see) or if they aren't in the fenced area it's because DH is right there with them....on our property!

How about just a "thank you" LOL.  Now she doesn't have to pay someone to cut the weeds down (which she obviously hasn't paid to have anyone do in a very long time, haha) for that section of the alley. Ok, lady. We won't touch your weeds again.


  1. Still a much better neighbor than the previous ones :)

    Sometimes older ladies can be just so. My mom huffs and puffs or mumbles quite audibly when she gets bored while someone is talking. It is rude but, she thinks they cannot hear her. Well I can, so probably they can too. Or sometimes she is way too direct when addressing an issue like there cannot be another perspective to it. I guess you should shrug and let it go.

    1. yes, still much better than old neighbors. We did just shrug and let it go. People are funny about stuff, but at least we won't have to look at the weeds again until next spring. LOL. I guess she didn't think it very neighborly to introduce herself and welcome us to the neighborhood haha!

  2. Good Lord, what a pillock! My home is too big for me now that my kids have moved out and it would make sense to move out but (a) I love it here and (b) MY NEIGHBOURS ARE GREAT! Don't think I'll be moving anytime soon. It wouldn't have killed her to be friendly I suppose. Still, like you say, better than your previous neighbours eh. Cheers. Anna