Wednesday, October 26, 2016

More a little of this and that

DH got to meet one of our other neighbors yesterday. The lots across the street from us are vacant land and this guy lives in the house on the other side, directly across from us. They use the vacant area to throw a ball to their dog too, so he came out and said hello to DH. Our dog that likes to chase the ball had fun chasing the ball with their dog.

Turns out he is the brother of the sheriff! LOL. DH said "oh, ya. I already met him....." and told him what happened with the weed mowing. He just rolled his eyes and said "don't pay any attention to him" haha.

We went and had dinner at the restaurant yesterday and Prime Rib dip was the special again, so I have a feeling we'll be going on Tuesdays. Once DH finds something he likes to eat, that's what he sticks with.

I need to order the little plug for our dishwasher that holds the spot free fluid in. The previous owner had shown me that she had accidentally dropped it in the bottom of dishwasher and part of the underside got a bit burned off. "but it still works, no problem". Well, ya, no, not really. That little bit burned off doesn't allow the plug to fit tightly so all the spot free fluid just drains out gradually and you fill it up and within days it's all gone. I found one online for like $13, so I will order that up.

The electrical inspector didn't pass a couple of items, or rather they just need to be added to. This won't hold up getting the insulation done this weekend as the inspector said he will still be able to see that DH fixed the problem and he can ok it in final inspection.The insulating is getting done Saturday  morning. Yay!

I called the bank manager back this morning about the wire transfer fee credit but he was with a customer so the assist. mgr who answered phone asked if he could help. Boy did he! He was looking at my account and asked if I do wire's very often and I said no, we just had to do two outgoing and one incoming because we sold our house and bought 2 properties. He then said he would credit me both the outgoing $35 fees and the $15 incoming fee. Very nice! Glad I decided to call :). Now $85 more in my account.

It's very strange here in that we are both tired so early in the evening! We used to call over here to various people and it would be like 8pm or so and sometimes they'd already be in bed and we'd think how strange that was. Well, I'm here to tell you it's not strange, LOL. I can barely stay awake past 8pm (I used to go to bed around 9:30). 9pm is it now and I'd rather it be 8:30, haha. DH used to stay up midnight or even later, now he's in bed by like 10pm. What's in the air? LOL. It's a good thing shows start at 7pm here, rather than 8. I'd never make it.

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