Thursday, October 20, 2016

Just chit chat

The rest of this week has been pretty uneventful (thank goodness, right?!). Tuesday afternoon we drove to the city to pick up a cordless weed eater DH ordered from Lowes. We didn't get back home until 6pm, so pulled into the restaurant (the one and only) in town and had dinner. Even got a punch card, now that we are regulars :)

Wednesday I made a few calls to find out if we needed permits to add some additional fencing around the lot and put some electrical out in the shop. No permit needed on fence, but do need a permit on the electrical. A few more calls and figured out that is through the state. I did an online permit application for $80 and got the permit emailed, so good to go to get that done. Though the online application process wasn't the most user friendly, I finally figured it out.

I went to the city office here in town and got the dog's licenses. A whole $5 each for lifetime licenses. No wonder this town/county is so broke. LOL. While there I picked up a town newsletter off the counter. Not much going on in town, haha. There was also another sheet for the town library....saying you can click through their Amazon link to help support the library. So, I can definitely do that with my Amazon purchases.

Dropped off our voter ballots, so that is done. Not that is probably really makes a difference. I'm sure Hillary will win, anyway. I did have to do a bit of research on some of the local elections and initiatives, since I'm not familiar with anything going on here yet.

The little grocery store has the best donuts! yum! They also have a little deli with fried chicken and such. Haven't tried that yet, but will at some point. About as close as we'll get to "fast food" in this town. LOL.

Yesterday was a nice sunny day (most of the days have been cloudy and rainy). DH got a bunch done in the shop. Got one of the "roll up" doors actually made into a roll up door (only one was). He also made a little form outside the new "man door" he put in last week. He'll pour concrete this weekend to make a little concrete pad outside the door. Then he got to use his brand new weed eater. No worries - he stayed on our lot! haha!

It's kind of different to have to go pick up mail at the post office all the time. Not used to it, but the whole trip takes like 5 minutes, so can't complain. Once in a while I skip a day. 

Next on the "to do list": open up a bank account here at one of the banks in town. Will be more convenient, I'm sure. There is a local bank and a national bank (Wells Fargo). I think I'm going with the local bank and do that sometime next week.


  1. I'd stay local with the bank. We have Wells Fargo for our business account and I'm thinking of closing that and going elsewhere. They upped our monthly fee 3 months ago from 3.00 to 10.00 with no warning and no letter or anything. Right before they got in trouble for Identity fraud with their employees opening accounts to make quota. That's still a mess waiting to be figured out. Oh well. Take care.

    1. I heard about the Wells Fargo problem too. Not good. The other issue is this town is sooo small, I'm not used to people being able to know your private info - like how much money you have/make. In a city of 80,000 it didn't really matter, but in a town of 800 I feel like if I have an account here, everyone (well, obviously not everyone, but you get my drift) will know my financial situation. Makes me uncomfortable! I might keep some in my Chase account and have some deposited to this new account. Not sure yet. This local bank has no fees if you keep your checking above $250, so shouldn't be a problem.

  2. I used a local bank and had trouble using a check out of town because it was local bank and unknown where I went.

    1. I kind of remember that problem years ago, when I used to write checks for just about everything (before debit cards). It was hard to write a check out of town, that's for sure. I think I write maybe one check a month anymore, if that. I just use my debit card.

  3. I am so glad you are settled into your new home. It sounds wonderful- except for the neighbor stressing about her overgrown weeds. This big banks are so awful. I still use bank of america, but I hate it. I am considering switching to a local/regional bank. Wells Fargo services my mortgage and so for (for the last 3 years) I haven't had any problems.