Saturday, October 15, 2016


Here are a couple more pictures - of dining room and kitchen

Today DH and his friend are putting in a walk thru door out in the shop. It only has 2 big roll up doors and not very convenient to access when you just want to pop inside and get something.  It will be much nicer with the regular door in it.

The previous owners came back this morning and have made two trips out of still getting rid of their stuff in the shop and outside around the shop. I think they have one more trip to come back and then they are finally done. He did leave DH some nice ladders that he said he could have.

I got some house cleaning done this morning and 3 bins of "office" stuff unpacked and put away. I think that is all the bins for inside the house stuff! Yay!

My half sister's daughter just had her first baby (and sister's first grandchild) this morning. So happy for them. He was born a few weeks early - sweet little 5lb 11oz boy :)


  1. Your house is looking so cute! I just love decorating NEW!


    1. Thank you! it is very fun decorating new. After 27+ years in the same house decorating had gotten pretty uninspired by then ;) Part of me wishes I could have all new "stuff" to decorate with too. LOL. then it would really seem "new"

  2. You have a nice home. It has been quite a saga getting there.

    1. Thank you! we are really liking this house. It's very comfortable for us.