Thursday, December 18, 2014

What's wi-fi?

Oh gee! My mom has been saying for the past year she wants a laptop or a tablet, so she can look at her emails and Facebook while she is at her boyfriends (or at his vacation cabin) or even just sitting in her recliner at home. I have tried to explain to her that using it at his house (or even her own) she will need to know the login password info to the wi-fi of wherever she is. I knew she didn't quite understand and was thinking I meant the password to her email :)

But, she called DD the other day and asked her to go with her to buy an ipad mini (like DD and I have). I told DD to make sure she didn't buy the more expensive one that uses data (I knew she wouldn't want to buy a monthly data plan) and just the one (like we have) that can access wi-fi, where available.

So, of course I get a text yesterday from DD as soon as they are back at mom's house. "Do you know Grandma's wi-fi password?"  LOL. Oh goodness!  Who is her internet carrier? "Umm...she doesn't know".  Ask her who she pays her internet bill to...."oh, ok it's the phone company".

I had no idea how to figure this out, but I did some googling on my end, called DD back and asked her to find the model of the modem. Finally found a link on the phone company's webite on how to get into the router administration and find the password.  Gave DD the instructions and Voila! Her ipad mini now had internet access.  DD was trying to show her how to access some of her favorite things using apps, rather than trying to go through the Safari web browser. She just kept saying "oh, I don't need to do that right now". I know she won't figure it out and using the apps are what make the ipad such a better experience.  DD showed her how to access her email, but not before I got another text "do you know Grandma's AOL password?" LOL  As a matter of fact I do! - I wrote it down on my password list the last time I had to go through getting her set back up on AOL, when she lost her password and I knew she wouldn't remember it the next time she needed it.

And then she's going to get down to her boyfriends tomorrow and they will have no clue what his wi-fi password is..........:)  We'll be over at her house for Christmas day, so I'll make sure to get her set up with all her favorite stuff on it.  I know she'll enjoy it much more if she can access her email and Facebook using the apps, rather than the web browser.


  1. Ha! You have to look up "Inside Amy Schumer Mom Computer Therapy" on Youtube. I think I snorted out loud while watching.