Wednesday, January 18, 2012

When couponing bites you in the butt

or in my case adds 730 calories in one shot to my butt.....In the middle of our area's winter "blizzard" my kids decide to go to Dairy Queen last night to get ice cream.  In the old days (pre high cholesterol and I could eat whatever I wanted without gaining an ounce) I'd get a peanut buster parfait.  They asked if I wanted anything, well, of course I wanted a peanut buster parfait! I was "good" (unlike dh, who asked for the peanut buster parfait) and said just get me a small ice cream sundae.

But, my kids being my kids, of course had coupons and so the peanut buster parfaits were buy one get one free, and so they brought me home that instead of the small ice cream sundae.  And of course I had to eat it....all of it!


  1. Bwhahahahaha! Oh for the days when I too could eat one of those and not worry about it. My kids are one of the reasons why I'm fat :P Hey I have to blame somebody!!

  2. Haha, I think that was a win dressed up as a bad thing. It's nice to have someone to legitimately blame, but hey, they got you an ice cream for free!