Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Money In, Money Out

I got the checks yesterday for my two side jobs December work.  I made an extra $400 from what I usually get when I took a vacation day from my full time job (I had a couple of days of vacation unused from last year, so no biggie) to drive the 3 hours to visit the company of side job #2.  It took all day, plus I was reimbursed the 300 miles.

I totally miscalculated a week or so ago when I thought I was going to end December with about $400 leftover.  I forgot a $200 check I had written that had not yet cleared my bank account! I hardly ever write checks anymore and am so used to everything clearing my bank right away using my debit card.  The other $200 leftover went to gas in Dd's car, Christmas clearance things, home repairs, etc.  And then I let Dh use $200 (out of savings) to buy a big workbench type thing he found on craigslist (he got it for $180 plus $20 for them to deliver it). It's huge - like 12 ft long, stainless steel with shelves underneath. It fit perfectly along one wall of our shop/garage.  It's given him lots more storage space and he's been having fun reorganizing things out in the shop - which gives him something to do.  He still likes to spend, but he's definitely come a long way the past 5 years or so.  He would NEVER have bought anything used.  About 5 years ago his best buddy made him realize pretty much anything he wants can be found on craigslist or ebay in like new condition for usually less than half new.  Thank you Best Friend! His finally convincing dh of this has saved quite a bit of money over the past 5 years.

But, of course, in true Dh style - he waited until after I gave him the $200 for this bench to tell me he also needs to get the transmission flushed on his pick up - which he estimates to be about $200.  Well, at least he did tell me he needs this done in advance (I think he's not planning to get is done until at least a couple of weeks or later this month) instead of the day before, like he usually does. 

Another curve ball thrown at me is I added Dd to our insurance policy as a "rated" driver now that she has her license and it increased my monthly insurance expense $57 - some of that cost is offset by that fact that she can drive herself to school now, making one trip back and forth a day, instead of two trips, when we had to drive her and pick her up -that probably cost us $30 in gas a month. 

I got a nice little surprise last night when I went to pick up one of Dh's prescriptions.  It's always been a $15 co-pay but now it was $10.  Not sure why. I couldn't find anything on the insurance website saying the co-pay amount had changed.  I also got a letter last week from the insurance company regarding the cholesterol medicine Dh takes (which the insurance doesn't cover - it only covers generics) stating that because he is "pill splitting" he will qualify for their new program "Cut the Pill, Cut your Bill" and might see a reduction of up to 50% of co-pay or co-insurance amount. I'm not really sure how this will affect what I pay.  I think I get some sort of discount off the total price of the medicine.  It ends up being $71 but then Crestor gives me a discount each month of $50 so I end up paying $21.  I guess I'll see next time I refill that if it goes down any.

All in all, though, after re-budgeting for the transmission flush expense and paying for Ds's textbooks (around $150) I should still have more than enough to replace the $200 in savings and add to it - hopefully to get me up to $1500.  At the end of January I will get another little bonus.  We get paid $100 a day bonus for any unused sick days during the past year.  I only took a half day of sick time last year, so will have $650 (less taxes) coming at the end of January.  That extra money will help in February when I have some additional expenses for Dd to play tennis (starts end of Feb).  She will have a $90 fee to pay to the school and have to buy a team shirt.  At least she already has the sweatshirt and sweatpants from last year she can wear (they don't have the year on them) and with the 2 skirts she has from last year and the new one I got her for Christmas she should be pretty set up. Now that she can drive herself I won't need to drive to the school every day at 5 to pick her up from practice. She will just be able to stay after school for the practice and drive herself home.


  1. My hubby also forgets to tell me he NEEDS something until after I give the ok on a WANT. MEN!

  2. My hubby was the same way buying used, but I'm slowly converting him! lol! Is your daughter able to help with gas or insurance costs? That's pretty awesome that you get paid for non-sick days! If hubby doesn't use his, it's "too bad, so sad"! lol!

  3. Carla - Dd isn't able to help out yet, but she plans to look for a job when school gets out for the summer and then she will. She is pretty overloaded right now with AP classes and also will have tennis every day this spring. I kind of like the get paid for sick days, but the flip side is we "lose" our unused days and only get 7 every year -we don't get to carry any forward to save up for a big sick time emergency. That part I do not like at all.

  4. Mysti - it's a constant thing with my guy. Yesterday he comes up to me and says "that racking/shelf I want for the shop is $216". I look at him with this blank face because I know absolutely nothing about it, he's never mentioned it to me before. I say, "well, I have $200 set aside now for your transmission flushing - you can have one or the other this month!" Geez!