Sunday, January 29, 2012

A good couponing day, finally

I finally got my brain organized enough to do some coupon shopping today.  It's been awhile since I've used coupons much and for once all my purchases went through without a hitch.  I was going to take a picture of all my stuff, but Dd was putting it all away before I got a chance.  We shopped at Rite Aid, Walgreens and Target, with most of the purchases made at Target.

I got:
(2) John Frieda Foam hair color
Cake Pops baking kit
3 12-pk Mountain Dew
3 candy bars
2 Method dish soap
2 Quaker chewy granola bars
2 Nature Valley Thins
2 Special K Fruit Crisps
2 Ritz crackers
2 Beggin' Stips dog treats
1 Reach dental floss
3 Campbell's tomato soup
4 Campbell's Soup at Hand
2 UP & UP 35 ct. dryer sheets
2 Finish dishwasher tabs 20ct
3 Coffee-mate liquid creamers
4 Jello 6pks

Dd and I made a list of everything we had coupons for and quantity's to purchase.  Dd crossed off the list and I handed her the coupons as we put each item in the shopping cart.  Then I gave the cashier the coupons a few at a time, to make sure they all went through.  I used 21 coupons at Target! I think that's a record for me using that many at one time. Total spent was $54.42, including tax.  I used $70.47 in coupons (including $23 in Rite Aid UP Rewards). I also saved $2.41 using my Target Red Debit card and got another $4 in Rite Aid UP Rewards for a future purchase.  I saved 57%, not bad in my book, especially since I live in the land of NO doubling coupons.


  1. Oh wow! 21 coupons, you truly have me beat. $70.47 just in coupons? You're my new hero!

    1. That was a record for me, Tanner! Usually I have a few coupons. But I finally took the time to sit down and cut coupons for the things we actually eat and use and was able to match a few of them up with Target store coupons for extra savings. $23 of the $70 in coupons was Rite Aid Up Rewards, but I was still amazed I had that much in manufacturer and store coupons and I got several items for free after coupons. Getting the cake pop kit at Rite Aid wasn't the smartest thing to use the UP Rewards on, but I know we'll get good use out of it :-)

  2. Great job!!! We live in the land of no doubles too, and I miss living close to Rite Aid. Great shopping trip!