Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Updates on this and that

Things are slowly progressing with the construction loan. I received preliminary loan disclosure paperwork from the lender I had to sign and will mail back today.  Just got a call from the appraiser that he is coming out some time Thursday afternoon. DH had hoped to get going on the rockery again this week, but weather nixed that. It's now well below freezing and ground too frozen to dig up now. We went from a week of 50 degrees to 8 degrees. LOL.

DH's sis called last night. Their dad got in a car accident yesterday. His second one in like less than 2 months. They are ok, but the car had to be towed. The first accident was when he was backing out of SIL's driveway and hit a car parked in the street. This accident had something to do with a left turn lane and the sun in his eyes. Glad they are ok. He will be 80 this year. While he still seems to be very sharp mentally, he's obviously starting to have a hard time driving. It doesn't help that they live in a very congested traffic area. SIL said his pride is more hurt than anything.

DD said her BF got a nice raise and a $6600 annual bonus. Very nice for them. She's still waiting on her annual review and see what her raise might be this year.  She did just message me that her boss told her he was working on getting her bumped up to a "buyer 2" position and pay. Told her bear with him, he's working on it and she deserves it. So, lots of good news coming from those two :)

I practically read a whole book last night. Started it after dinner and read a little while longer after I went to bed. I'm reading the Rose Harbor series by Debbie Macomber. They are such easy reads and enjoyable. I'll have to find something new to read tonight, once I finish this one, after dinner. I'm  not sure if there is another one in this series or not.

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