Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Catching up from the long weekend

The rest of the weekend was kind of not doing much.  We did do some yard work in the morning. I gave all our new bushes/trees a drink of miracle grow, while DH sprayed for pests/ants around the house. Sunday evening we did go for a short drive to see if we could see any elk or deer feeding (we did). I finished my book and started another one. We watched a movie Sunday night. We didn't go to the city - wanted to avoid the crowds and stop spending all the money we spend every time we go in there.

The neighbors had a party Sunday afternoon/night and yesterday all day it was kinda of just grand central station there. They weren't having another party, but at one point yesterday afternoon there were 9 cars parked at their house (including their own). We LOVE our little covered front porch and have been trying to enjoy it, with this nice weather, but kind of hard with all the chaos going on right next door on a regular basis. Between all the people, kids, and the renter guy cutting and grinding metal all weekend, it's not exactly peaceful. Plus, it was in the 80's all weekend and it was nice to sit outside in the covered porch shade. We need some comfortable cushioned chairs though! We have this old cedar two seater that gets the butt sore after awhile LOL. We did get two perfectly blissful hours on Sunday afternoon, while they were all at daughter's graduation ceremony. We even heard a wolf howling several times up in the hills nearby.

DH spent more time out there sitting than I did, as I got tired of listening to constant yelling at kids to don't do this or do that, while kids screamed and cried. They can't really see us sitting out there (unless they walk out farther into their driveway) because we have a big covered BBQ sitting at the end of our porch, blocking the view. DH was sitting out there Saturday evening, with the dogs at  his feet and the wife was on her cell phone ranting F--- this and F-that to someone about how she can't afford to live in the city (where the guy commutes to) and she already spends enough money commuting to work (she's working graveyard now, with about an hours drive to another town, it sounds like).

Between that overheard and another comment to DH, it appears they must have gotten their letter from the developer.  All last week in the evenings there was a young man removing the siding from the city/county service building that is behind us on the other side of the alley. DH had chatted with him a couple of the evenings while he was outside watering. I was outside the first night. Super nice young guy. He offered to remove the siding for free and then they are letting him keep the old siding, which he's going to use to fix up the little house he bought. Anyhow, DH was outside playing with our dogs and this young man and two older gentlemen were standing at the back of the building, I guess looking at young man's progress. DH walked over to say hello and before he could say anything one of the older guys pipes up "oh oh, here comes the home owner's association". (okay, the renters got the letter) so DH just laughs and says "no complaints from me if you are fixing it up putting new siding on........I was just coming to say hey, someone stole all your siding!"  He didn't bother to tell the guy that the HOA wasn't our idea or plan, but we sure agree with it.

Other than overhearing the wife talking about not affording to move and that comment to DH, it appears nothing is going on over there in anyway related to either cleaning up all their junk, nor packing up to move out. We haven't heard anything from the developer that he's gotten any response back yet from the homeowner. Yesterday afternoon we were sitting on our porch having some ice cream and their 9th vehicle pulled up and parked in the street. It's a friend of the wife, regular visitor. Her son (another regular, who half lives there) had just pulled up in his truck and parked on the shoulder. He said "mom, you can't park in the street,  you can't block cars coming through". Her reply was "they can kiss my ass".  So he got in her truck and moved it to the shoulder. I know he is trying to be respectful of the laws because he works at the sheriff's dept and has been told. He's the same one that stood there with his mouth open in surprise, while the other guy tried to swerve into our driveway where our dog had been standing.

DH is on her way home from her Indy 500 vacation and glad to be heading that way LOL.  A week with BF's parents (and 3 others) was probably a bit more than she could take. She was not impressed with the city - said it's a pit, while the business degree side of her wondered how with all the money that is infused into that city from that racetrack, how it's not reflected in the condition of the city. She said she liked the beginning and end of the race (this is from a girl who knows racing) but got so bored during the middle she was about to fall asleep, so she had to get up and take a walk.  She said the racers are complete snobs. After the race they went to the pits and walked around. She said not one racer was nice to a fan. They stood behind their dark sunglasses, not smiling or talking while they signed autographs. She said the one female driver had a little girl getting her autograph and you could just tell the little girl idolized her and the driver couldn't even smile or say hello to her while signing. BF's parents are close minded who only want to talk politics (or about their work) and no one can have a different opinion. She said while they were out to dinner after the race, the other couple that was with them all was asking DD about her job, etc and the guy commented to DD something along the lines that all these high school kids who think they should be getting $15 an hour, when BF's mom butts in and says "well, they should get that. People having to work two jobs, blah blah blah." Then DD (which she never does around them) gave her opinion and the other guy started to say he agreed and his parents didn't even let him finish his point before they were interrupting him and ranting on about how wrong they are. I'm pretty sure there will be no more family vacations, LOL.

DH is happy that his new friend/neighbor across the field will be home tonight or tomorrow from his two weeks at work. His wife was gone all last week, as she helps with the 6th grade camp the kids always do. Next weekend is a car show in the area, and we will probably go look at the cars. Trying to talk our friend who lives about a half hour away to bring his old 1950's car.


  1. Gosh it sounds like Peyton Place where you are - so much drama - but it only takes one rotten apple doesn't it. Anna

    1. exactly! when they aren't home it's like the most peaceful place on earth.

  2. You will soon be out of there and living peacefully. When the noise becomes unbearable, imagine all the peace you will have.