Friday, March 25, 2016

The Good and Bad

I just got my results from rechecking my cholesterol, now that I have been on Simvastatin several months. Good news! My total cholesterol is down to 152.  At my annual check up it had gotten up to 267. (eek!). Looks like I still need to get my "good" cholesterol up just a bit. Normal is above 40 and mine is 38, but it's almost there.

I'm working from home today, trying to get payroll done, but my boss isn't answering my email about one of our employees going from hourly to salary. She must be in a meeting. She is terrible about not updating her status on our "status board" at work. LOL. Plus, I am hoping to get an email soon saying we are closing early, due to Good Friday/Easter weekend. Last year we got off at noon. C'mon email!....

Speaking of work - we have a sort of new customer service rep that sits on the other side of my cubicle wall. She has the most problems with customers! Good grief. Over the almost 11 years I have sat at my desk, there has been a CS person on the other side of me. No one has been as crabby as she seems to be. There are 3 others in her dept too and none of them has the problems with customers she does. She is constantly hanging up the phone and getting mad. The CS reps are assigned to certain customers, so they have to deal with same people on a regular basis. About once a week she is in my boss's office, complaining about our customers and how they treat her.  I don't expect her to be around a whole lot longer and honestly, I'm getting tired of listening to her complaining every time she hangs up the phone. Obviously the problem is her. Obviously she needs a different job than customer service. I just don't think she is a happy person. The lady next to her (who is so friendly) chats with her off and on and new CS lady is crabby about her personal life too. She apparently has step kids that live with her and it's obvious she doesn't like them either.

We started Jan and Feb a little slow in sales, but looks like we will be at our goal by the end of March, for our first quarter. If we can keep it up 3 more months then we get the first half of our 10% bonus. After taxes that works out to an additional $438/mo net income to me. Yes, please.

The lady who lives next door the to property we'd like to buy called yesterday and DH talked with her. Part of why we went and talked with them was because when we started looking at lot 1 (before we knew lot 3 was for sale) we realized that the best spot to put a house would make for them basically looking out the back of their house and having to see the front a house and roof. Not cool for them. DH wanted to know how they felt about it, because if we were in their shoes it would bug us.  They were nice and said "well, it's your property to do what you want, but yes, it sure would affect our view" and DH said well, then we wouldn't do that. Later, we found out lot 3 is for sale.  Anyhow, she called yesterday and was wondering if we were leaning toward 3 or 1, because if we didn't buy lot 1, then they think they will buy it - it got them to thinking that if someone else ends up with it, they might not be so nice as us and build down lower and give them blocked view. They are thinking of buying lot 1 and just leaving it vacant. Plus she said "we both would love for you guys to be our neighbors" :)

ok, just got the email that office is closing early. Woo!

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