Monday, March 7, 2016

Monday Monday

I'm not sure what I changed, but I have managed to keep my grocery bill for the week, under $100 for each of the last 2 weeks. I know a little of it is that I haven't had to buy soda for DH, as we are using up what I had stocked up out in the garage, but that is only about $6-7/wk. Well, whatever it is, I like it.

I just got my Comcast bill - at way higher than it should be. Last month when I switched our little $3/mo set top box (for our 2nd tv) for a better $10/mo box, they apparently charged me for 2 $10 boxes, plus a partial month of 2 boxes prorated. I got a very nice customer service lady, who fixed it all up and credited my account. Still a pain that it had to happen in the first place. I was happy to actually talk to a U.S. person. Always gotta keep an eye out on bills. My boss was saying her hubby pays their like over $200/mo cable bill and never even looked at it, just paid it every month and come to find out had stuff on there they didn't even have/use.

We are going to our first ever political fundraiser event at the end of the month. It will cost $25 ea and will be heavy h'ordeuvres  and beverages. It's for our county councilman, who has worked so hard on our neighborhood drug problem, as well as one of the other council member's, who is running for a different county office next election. At least it's at a place just a couple of miles from our house, so no long drive through traffic to downtown.  Gives us a chance to get out, which we so rarely do, for about the cost of a dinner out. When I went to the council meetings (and some I've watched on tv) I was really impressed with this other councilman, who last year chaired all the meetings. He did a really good job.

I was supposed to get my permanent crown put on Friday, but they had to call and cancel as the crown has not come in yet. Not surprised - same thing happened with the last one.

I didn't watch the last episode of Downton Abbey last night, but I will catch it on demand this evening. I will be sad to see the show end. It had a sweetness and innocence about it, that I enjoyed. I loved the dowager's wit. I hope it ends that Edith gets her happily ever after :)

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  1. I know almost all of my local politicians and that has its advantages. It never hurts to rub elbows with those making the laws.