Friday, November 6, 2015

Need camping stuff?

This has felt like a long exhausting week. Wednesday was just another day to deal with living in drug-ville. The tarp that has been set up at the very back of our property under a big cedar tree (mostly on the drug dealing house's property and a little bit on our side of  our property) overnight turned into a full blown tent/campsite. Around noon DH was in the back and noticed it and at the same time 2 guys came out of the tent. There was garbage everywhere around, now on our property. DH called the sheriff non-emergency dispatch, got transferred to 911.

The very back of our property slopes down a hill about 30 feet and then flat again on the bottom and then turns into drug dealers property and road. DH was standing up on the top edge of our property looking down at all this. He starts yelling at the one guy left to get this shit cleaned up and off our property. He was totally wasted and just kinda stood there in a daze. "'s not my garbage, but ok" and he picked up a few things in a small grocery sack and took it over near the drug house. I went down there and started taking a bunch of pictures of it all. It was incredible. Tent, sleeping bags, milk jugs, just general garbage.

As I was snapping pics over this 10 minute period it was one car after the other pulling in and going up to the window. A new car would pull in before the one before it had time to leave. I took pictures of that.  They finally knew it and shut the window down. A guy pulled in and no one would answer the window and then he went and knocked on the back door.  DH yells over "hey they are closed for business right now!"  All the while we stood down there waiting for the sheriff to show up.......and waited and waited. They finally showed up 4 hours later. By then DH had cleaned it up. He did not want to wait until dark, knowing there'd be needles down there. When our good neighbor got home from work about 3:30 DH had him come over to be there with him while went down to the bottom of the hill and cleaned it up. INCREDIBLE! Needles everywhere, 3 bikes, 3 lawn chairs. They even had put in carpet under their tent! Tampons....what do guys need with tampons? well, apparently they use them to filter the heroin.

DH filled 2 55 gallon garbage bags full. He tossed all the bikes (2 of them were partial bikes) and chairs onto our property and put them in our wheelbarrow. He, of course had really heavy work gloves on and did put in the garbage sack the needles that had tips on them, but there are still needles there. Sometimes our one active dog runs down there chasing a bunny or squirrel.

While good neighbor and I stood there keeping an eye on DH, again it was one car (or walkers) after another pulling up to the window. One guy gets out of his pick up and we notice he had started a little fire on the ground next to his truck. We could see it on underneath his truck on the other side where he was standing. What the heck?! then we see him take a small gas can and pour some more on it. Then he puts it out and puts the can back in the bed of his truck Neighbor figured he was trying to test to make sure it was gas. Most likely he had stolen it and was making sure it was really gas? Who knows.

After the sergeant and a deputy finally arrived, DH gets told they wished he had left it all there so maybe they could make an arrest for trespassing or whatever. DH just laughed and said maybe you could of 3 1/2 hours ago! they are gone now. Sgt. asked DH what he was going to do with the bikes and chairs (the rest was in the garbage sack in our can) and DH said I guess either take to the dump or cut it up and put in my cans. Sgt didn't want him to have it on our property - worried they'd try to come on our property to get it back, so he actually had DH help him take it down to the corner and leave it! Most of it was gone by the next morning.

DH and some from the other neighborhood met over at the precinct with one of the county prosecutor's last night. Same old crap of excuses. But she said she really wants the people in the drug house behind us really bad, because they have already been busted twice now. They are building up "points" on their record, blah blah. She also wants the parents at this house now.  I'm not holding my breath one bit. Talk is cheap and that's all anyone from the county does.  Supposedly someone from the county health department is going to take care of getting the rest of the needles cleaned up.


  1. You took pictures of a drive-up window for drug deals and they need more proof? I fear one of you will end up dead. Maybe they will come quickly when one of you dies?

    1. oh ya, we have pictures and videos. Prosecutor said even with a picture, it's not proof it's dope being sold. They need someone to make a buy. She did say that, since this is a known drug house, with the pictures dh gave her, she might be able to get a judge to issue a warrant.

      There was a news story done a few weeks ago about a couple (about 6 miles from us) who's house got broken into 3 times in a short period. It was taking sheriff 2-3 (or more)hours to arrive and even the last time the person was running out of her house she got there. They interviewed the sheriff's spokesperson guy who said in these exact words "if someone's not dying, we're probably not going to come". WOW!

  2. I'm reading and worried that it's so close and they may hurt you all. Hope the police take care of this in a hurry. Can they not just have a stake out? That's what they do in the movies! lol I thought they knew how to do such a thing! Be careful!

    1. you'd think but apparently the narcotics unit won't even bother with it - it's not enough dope for them! I said how much dope must they have to have to sell that much every day all day?! According to the cops these types of dealers just bring in a little at a time all throughout the day. They said they are bottom feeder dealers. Not even getting supplied by the middle men dealers. Said the narcotics SUI unit only deals in mid level/pounds of dope. He also said the problem in this house (because they have been inside several times is it's hard to find the dope, even with a dog. He said the inside of that house is like 10 Goodwill stores crammed into that house. Piled to the ceiling. They took a dog with them when they arrested one of them a couple of months ago for breaking a no contact order, hoping they'd hit on drugs and got nothing. It's all so hard to even fathom that they can get away with openly doing drug dealing like this