Sunday, November 8, 2015

Lazy weekend

Yesterday was pretty much a completely lazy day. I got out of the house at 9:30am to go to Walmart and grocery shop. I found a couple of gifts for DD's birthday. A teapot and a candle. I have already ordered her a cute sweatshirt that is on it's way. She also wanted some black boots at Target, but they are out in store and online. I think I will just take her shopping on her birthday and she can pick out a different pair somewhere else. I texted her to ask what kind of cake she wanted so I could pick up cake mix. Chocolate, of course.

I came home, put away groceries and cleaned the kitchen, made the bed and plopped myself on the couch where I spent most of the day. Watched a "guy" movie on tv with DH and then he decided to go visit one of his new friends over in the other drug neighborhood. He really likes both of these guys he's been getting to know, but especially the older guy. I think he said he was 68, but you wouldn't know it. He and his wife are really nice and easy to talk to. The other guy is a bit younger than us. He's like DH, doesn't work either and I'm not sure what his story is. His wife (like me) has a good job and they seem to do the same thing we do. So, DH spent a good hour and a half or more over chatting with them at the older friends house. A bit after he left I laid down to take a nap but about 20 minutes into it the phone rang. It was the younger guy from the neighborhood and I laughed and said DH is over at H's next door to you. "oh, I'll go over there then. LOL" So then I knew DH would be at least another hour. haha.

So, I started watching a Hallmark Christmas movie, until DH came home at the end of it. It's good for him to get out of the house, like he has been doing more and especially good to find some new friends. He said to me "I really like H.....but whenever I get a good friend I don't get to keep them long enough..."  Sad, but true. Every single one of his good friends has passed away at a young age. One, who he met in his 20's was like a father/mentor to him. Died while he was in his late 40's of a brain tumor. He had another friend (though not as close to) died of a brain tumor. Then a very good friend was killed in an accident. And 4 years ago his very best friend died of cancer.

Through dinner and the rest of the evening DH watched another guy movie while I half watched and  finished a book and started a new one.

Today, I get a bit of a "girl's day out". An old friend I have known for about 25 years, who is very crafty, is hosting a candle making class in her home. Candle making, girl chat and snacks. I'm sure I will enjoy it.

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  1. I love Hallmark Christmas movies. Sitting and watching 2 or 3, with some warm beverage, and a snack.....that sounds delightful.