Monday, November 23, 2015

A little hiccup to my day

This is going to seem like such a nice short week. I was emailing my boss about payroll this morning (before I head into the office) and she said I only needed to come in the office one day this week, so today or tomorrow is fine. Yay! I told her I'll come in tomorrow, since I had signed up to bring something for the office potluck. 

Speaking of payroll. I am a bit miffed. We use an outside company to process our payroll. I just have to log in and enter in the hours for our hourly folks and also enter in any holiday and PTO time. I have to transmit 5 business days before paydate. I emailed the woman, who processes it on their end, last week to clarify that it would need to be transmitted on Monday (instead of Tuesday) because of the Thanksgiving holiday...or maybe even Friday?, if they get both days off too....she emailed back that it was Monday. So....yesterday (as in SUNDAY) she emails my boss (instead of me), who pretty much has nothing to do with our payroll, since it's my job and I'm 100% capable of doing it correctly, asking her how payroll was coming along, like we are late in getting it to her.  Good grief. If she wanted it on Friday, or by 8am Monday, then she should have just let me know when I emailed her last week trying to clarify exactly when she needed it by. Luckily, I happened to check my work email yesterday (as in SUNDAY) and saw it, so was able to allocate my time to get started on it at 6:30am this morning, rather than waiting until later in the morning, which was my original plan. Otherwise I would have totally been scrambling. I really didn't appreciate her making it seem to my boss like I wasn't doing my job timely. I transmitted it before 8am this morning along with an email to the woman, politely apologizing for being late, but per our email conversation last week, I had been under the impression it wasn't due until Monday (our usual cut off time is noon).

Ok, I'm done being pissy now and ready to have a good day :)


  1. I hope you copied your boss on the email to her about her requesting it on Monday. That's not okay to tell you one thing and go to your boss with something else.

    1. I didn't copy it to her, but I did let my boss know that I had emailed her last week to verify and she had told me Monday.

    2. Some people are real B****ches. I have a colleague like that who will bend over backwards to drop people in it. Thing is, SHE is the one that makes the most mistakes because she is always in a hurry to finish stuff in order to impress the boss, and then will always blame someone else. I am pretty gullible and did wonder what on earth I was screwing up on all the time at the beginning, until I realized that everyone referred to her as Ms "oh it wasn't me I distinctly remember asking XXX to do it". It inevitably comes back and bites them in the backside, although not soon enough sometimes. Good job your boss knows how you work though eh. Anna

    3. yes, especially when I was answering an email on a Sunday, LOL :)

  2. People at work!!! I just want to hide from them, most are evil doers! I cant believe the back stabbing and people throw eachother under the bus! I hate 95% of the people I work with! Hmmm maybe it is me! ;-)
    Happy Thanksgiving