Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Mid week update

This week is just flying by for some reason. I enjoyed a nice 4 day weekend.  Saturday morning DD's breakfast plans with a friend got canceled, so we went down the the Saturday Farmer's Market in town and walked around. I ended up buying this cute "bridge" to put out in our yard, as well as a bouquet of sweet pea flowers. They smell soooo good! I just wish they lasted longer than a few days.

We were at the Farmer's Market for about an hour. I didn't buy any fresh fruit because we has just gone grocery shopping the day before and bought what we needed and at the time I didn't know we'd be going to the Farmer's Market.  Then we drove to the next town over (literally about a 5 mile drive) and checked out all the cute little antique shops on their Main Street. I didn't buy anything, though I was kind of on the look out for corn cob dishes. There was one kitchen store, that wasn't an antique store, had new stuff,  but they were like $10 each and I wasn't paying that much for them.

I took naps every day and we had splendid weather.  It was hard going back to work on Monday and I was wishing I had taken some vacation days to add to the weekend.  Not sure why I didn't......I have several weeks to use up and I earn almost 2 days each month!

Of course our bathroom is still not completely finished. Geez... The guy said he was going to be busy with another job last week and since we want him to come back and do our small bathroom, he'd just finish up our master bath at that time. So, now I guess he will be here at the end of this week on Friday.........which means he will get part way done, leave it for the weekend and not come back until next week. Sigh....

DD is enjoying being out of school and is working about 5 days a week, though usually 2 of the shifts are evening shifts where she only works 3-4 hours. The morning shifts she gets anywhere from 6-9 hours.  She has been busy trying new activities.  A hike up in the mountains, an adventure trying out kayaking and a trip to a wildlife park.  In a few weeks we have scheduled our glass blowing deal we bought on Amazon local for 1/2 price. At the end of the month she is flying all by herself to visit her college roommate and get to know each other some more. They hit it off so well the weekend she and her mom came here, that DD is super excited to visit a new state and take a trip all on her lonesome (though I think she's a bit nervous, too!). At the end of summer she is going to see Florida Georgia Line in concert. She bought 2 tickets when they went on sale and if none of her friends snags up the extra ticket to go with her, I am going to go with her.

She and I have started walking/running.  Well, she is walking and running (with the goal to end up running a 5k) and so far I am just walking. We've only done it twice so far and our goal is 3x a week. We go over to the junior high track that is about a mile away from our house.  The first time I walked 3x around the track and this morning I did 4x.  I hope we can stick with it and since I am just walking, I am going to start taking our older dog with us and he can walk with me, as he still needs to lose pounds.

I've been trying to just make some cheap dinners this week.  BBQ hamburgers, homemade pizza, then Monday we ended up having McD's for dinner, and last night I just heated DH up some frozen chicken pot pies, some bread and jello. I was stuffed from a big lunch I had at work and didn't need a big dinner.  Tonight's plan is chili dogs and corn bread.


  1. That's a pretty cute bridge. I can't remember last time I was at a downtown (besides while on vacation in TX). 2 days of vacation a month is pretty awesome. I too need to start running.. walking... doing anything! Gah, so disorganized these days...

  2. I love that bridge. I am going to get hubby to make me one for my pond!