Friday, July 18, 2014

Disounted gift cards love

I gotta say I am really liking these discounted gift cards I have been purchasing.  Especially the ones for Home Depot that I am getting through  They have printable gift cards, that you can pretty much get instantly and print out immediately.  Super handy vs. waiting 5-7 days for a plastic gift card to come in the mail and I have had no problems using my printable gift cards at Home Depot. We have spent a lot with all the bathroom remodel materials and now DH is going to start on our garden arbor.

My first online order through was done on 4th of July and within minutes I had the email with a link to print out the info or use the code online.  My second purchase was done on a Saturday morning, right as I was heading out the door to the home improvement store. I thought I'd have that giftcard info to print out right away. No, it didn't happen. I got a message that this order had to be human verified and if it was a weekend, I'd have to wait until Monday. Dang! That didn't work out like I had planned. Shoot....I was heading to the store to spend like $150 and I just paid $150 for a gift card I didn't have. Luckily I had enough money in my checking/savings to be able to still get what I needed at the store, while I waited until I could use the gift card....and I knew we would be purchasing more from there soon, so I wouldn't be sitting there with a gift card I couldn't use.  The Giftcardzen website says that they sometimes do human verifications and I guess when/if that pops up it's just due to their "algorithms" in their program.

Fast forward to today and the bolts DH ordered through ebay for the arbor (cuz he was a good boy and did some price searching!) came in the mail today. So, now he is ready for me to purchase the cedar lumber. I wanted to purchase discounted gift cards again, since I am going to be spending over $300 for this lumber. By the time I got around to getting online to make the purchase it was about 3:30pm my time and I worried that I wouldn't get the order emailed right away again, so I called first and she said if I got the order in before they closed in an hour and called back, they'd make sure it was released so I could print it out. Otherwise I'd have to wait again until Monday (they aren't open weekends). I placed the order and as my luck would have it,  it had to be human verified again. I waited about 10 minutes, called them back and in less then a minute had my email! They have great customer service and the girl was super friendly.

So far, I have saved $81.24 (the discounts have been 10.5% and 11%) by purchasing the discounted Home Depot cards. About $30 saved on the first 2 purchases and almost $50 saved on today's purchase - which covers the $50 we spent on the bolts! Win! 

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