Monday, July 14, 2014

Back at the bathroom makeover

Bathroom #2 makeover begins today.  Wonder how long this one will take, HAHA! Remodel guy is here working, but back in the master bath, as still quite a few things to finish there first.  Maybe at some point I'll actually get to post complete "AFTER" pictures of the master bath.  Both of the bathroom (and our kitchen) just scream "1980'S MANUFACTURED HOME!!!". LOL.

Of course, now I am jonesing to make over the kitchen.  Maybe next year that will be in the budget to at least texture and paint the walls and put in new countertops. It already has new flooring and stainless steel appliances.  I found this blog where a couple painted their mobile home kitchen cabinets

Very similar walls and cabinets in my home.  Scroll down 4 pics to the close up of the cabinets and that is exactly the type I have. The only thing that is real wood on them is the trim on the front of the cabinets and the fronts of the drawers. But, apparently it can all be painted pretty easily! Just some primer and paint over.  I really like how she added the molding and I think using beadboard on the sides of my island would look nice.....though I also saw a few blogs where people used faux stone panels on the island and that looks amazing. Plus, if I re-did our little island I would take off the damn wheels! I don't know why it was made with wheels. It's not like the kitchen is big enough to roll it around to a different spot. I'm just going to take those puppies off and let it sit there - where it's always sat anyway!  That island was always good for a little laugh though in our younger, pre-kid, have parties days......guests congregated in the kitchen and some inebriated person always leaned up against it at some point and went for a little ride :)  (thankfully since others were standing around on all sides, they never went too far)

Then I came across this blog for painting your countertops to look like granite. OMG! I think she did an amazing job  I would love to try this, but I think I would find a scrap piece or a sample piece of laminate and practice first.  I just love this look and it only cost her about $30 in craft paints.  People are so darn creative.

I think I'm off to order these little prints of watercolor paintings I found on Etsy of hummingbirds. I just have a love of hummingbirds the past year and they would look so cute hanging on a little side wall, next to the door, in my bathroom


  1. Cabinets are not too difficult to paint. Rough them up a little before priming though. The thing I don't like about painted cabinets is the chipping that goes on with feet that kick against them. This mainly happens on the bottom cabinets. It is a little more work to restain, but we did it. So, we ended up staining the bottom cabinets and painting the top ones. I loved the look.

    We also used the faux stone on the island and all the sides of the cabinets. I loved it. I miss the look we made there. Sorry we had to sell it, but I could stay just for the kitchen.

    I am scared to death to try and make my counters look like granite. I have seen it done well, but it is almost like artwork and I am not artsy at all!

    Love hummingbirds - they are my favorite!

  2. I painted our countertops to look like granite three years ago and they still look fantastic. I did use Gianni Granite kit. It cost me twice as much but it's so easy to use and I'm very pleased with the results!!

    1. Ooh! Do you have any pics of it on your blog?

  3. When you start a project it snowballs, I'm telling you.....