Sunday, January 12, 2014

What's wrong with my pizza dough?!

I have been making a homemade pizza for close to a year now. You can find the link here:

It is DELICIOUS, especially the dough/crust. I have been making the pizza probably 2-3 times a month because we love it so much. It is from a recipe I found in a magazine and uses thawed out Rhodes frozen dinner rolls as the pizza dough (super easy!). The pizza has come out perfect every time.......except for the last 2 times.  The time before last it actually burnt on the bottom. This week I tried again and while it didn't burn, it came out a bit crispy on the bottom. In all my previous baking of it, it came out as a soft crust and perfect. I can't figure out why it is overcooking now. I make it the same way every time, nothing has changed, so it really has me baffled. It is disappointing because it is really our favorite dinner.  I guess next time I'll try cutting down the cooking time a minute or so and see if that helps.


  1. If the ingredients, the pan and the process are the same, and you can rule out that the Rhodes company didn't change their product any, I'd suspect your oven is to blame. Maybe it's not heating evenly/correctly, the temperature is not what it says it is(get an oven thermometer to check your settings)or the door is not sealing right(causing lower heat or uneven heating).
    Also did you change the rack position you are setting the pan at?....Try baking it higher up in the oven, away from the bottom heating element. That's another thought.....maybe one of your elements is going(the top)and the other one(on bottom)is kicking on more/higher to compensate?....might give you a burnt bottom. I'd change the rack position first and see if that helps.

  2. Get cheap oven thermometer and hang it in oven. You element is too high.

  3. I just bought an oven thermometer at Target, so will test it out when I make dinner tonight - I"m making a casserole that bakes at 375 - so will see how close it is. Thanks Sluggy and Kim for the suggestion. I did move my rack up one on the last pizza, so maybe that's why it wasn't as bad as the time before.