Saturday, January 25, 2014

Prescriptions lower

With the change in health insurance plan for DH and the kids, prescriptions are now covered......sort of.....after they meet a huge overall deductible - which unless one of them ends up in the hospital every year, it's not even going to come close to ever being met each year, so we'll never see prescriptions covered. But, there is now at least a contracted pharmacy write off portion (compared to me always paying the cash price before). I went to get one of DH's prescriptions and it suddenly dawned on me I better at least give the insurance card, so the cost can at least go towards the huge deductible. Last month the prescription was $59 (cash price). This time, with using the insurance card, it was $40.23, due to the insurance adjustment.  I should save a little bit on his other prescription too, I hope. It's only about $25 a month, cash price, but there should be some discount off of that price, too. Certainly not enough to make up for the extra $400 a month in premiums, but it helps. I'd have much rather paid our old monthly premiums, with no prescription coverage, and pay the cash price than what I have been forced to pay for now.

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