Sunday, January 26, 2014

Crime Stoppers Edition - Episodes 2 & 3 and 4

Episode 2:
It was either Wed or Thursday night - one of the drug dealing cars (the loudest one) was revving and flying down the road leaving our neighborhood. It even woke me up from sleep at 10:30. Minutes later DH hears on the scanner that they are in pursuit of a car on the main street just outside our neighborhood. Another minute or two later all kind of sirens are blaring. They apparently cut through a grocery store parking lot and headed out to the next town, about 4 miles away. Crashed the car and the driver and passenger took off running. They caught the passenger. Over the scanner the cop gave his first name and said he wasn't being very cooperative. We are not sure if the driver was caught, but most likely. The name of the guy caught is the same first name (not a super common first name) as the renter family's son.

Episode 3:
Friday night
It was another busy night in da hood. The drug house on the other side of the back of our property was in full swing. Their usual 3-4 cars, parked outside, engines revving, doors slamming, in and out, in and out. And lots of cars going past their house, back to the lot that slumlord's meth head son lives at (he lives in a shed on the property!).  DH called the police again. Shortly after, a what we think, was a undercover drug detective called and talked to DH. Wanted to get what info he knows has been going on. The cop was well aware of the names from both properties behind us and what they do. Mr Cop said he was out there but was in a place where he could see the cars coming in, but not the cars leaving. Then he says "do you see a pick up truck going by?" A few seconds later DH sees it stop a bit down the road from the drug house and turn it's lights out. Then one of the waiting cars at the drug house went over and met him, revving up of course. He literally drove 60 feet! Made their exchange, the pick up turned around and went back out our neighborhood and the dealer went back to the house. DH is telling the cop that the pick up is on his way back out. Cop calls 10 minutes or so later and said he pulled him over and the guy was now on his way to jail for possession of heroin. So, now we know one of the drugs they are selling there, obviously just not pot. The cop asked if DH would call him next time a car leaves there again. He ha to go take the guy to jail, but was back about an hour later. DH calls him as soon as he sees it happening again.  This time he pulls the car over for DUI suspicion, he was intoxicated on something, as well as the 2 minors in his car. Another one to jail and 2 to juvie.  Cop says he thought they had their drug dealing stopped about 6 months ago (and thinking back it was fairly quiet then) but apparently they are doing it again and it's super ramped up now - with all the "delivery" cars. Prior to that, they just used to have the buyers come straight to the house, get out and walk up to a bedroom window, make the exchange, and the buyer would leave. But even though it was alot of traffic, they usually weren't loud cars. Now the drug dealers use 3 to 4 guys to take the drugs, sometimes only as far as in front of the next property or other times just outside our neighborhood.  The detective said they are really on this one now and it shouldn't be too long before they have it taken care of. Keeping fingers crossed. 

Episode 4:
I ran out of time to finish Episode 3 last night and now we have Episode 4 to add. Not quite as busy night but they did get started about 2:30am or so. Different, very loud SUV type car, in and out a couple of times over an hour. DH called the cop's cell # and he said he had been in the area most of the night, but was out on a suicide call and would come back when that call was over. DH called him when a car came in, met up with the loud car, and then first car left the neighborhood. Cop pulled him over down the road and apparently to jail he went. A hour or so later DH called the cop that another car was leaving. He had been at the meth heads place for about 15 minutes, then stopped for a minute or two at the drug house. Cop pulled him over about 5 blocks down. It was about a half an hour later than DH heard him report in on the scanner that he was heading to the jail. Our great cop called about 4:30 this morning and said from that arrest (of 2 guys) he found a POUND of marijuana in the car. Both were habitual criminals, one being a known car thief.

So, with all my DH's help the cop has had pretty successful nights the past couple of nights. Still not getting the sellers at the house yet, but all in good time, I'm sure. I think I'm going to the toy dept and getting him a sheriff's badge :-)


  1. I am praying for you to be safe. Please be very careful. I hope they never find out how you guys are helping the cops.

  2. Please be safe. If the buyers are getting busted after they leave their house, the sellers will stop soon.

  3. I think I forgot to mention that this past week the lady that lives between the drug house and the meth-head's place has been FURIOUS at them! She's a bit of a kook, anyway, but she has literally been on her front porch screaming at them several times this week. She's had her landlady (who, incidentally is the aunt of the drug dealers) over to complain and once it sounded like she was standing in her front yard on the phone to her even though she might not actually be calling the cops (we're not sure) they don't know if it might be her. Last thing she screamed at them was "this is going to f-ing stop!".

  4. Do stay safe. Best wishes on this ordeal. I hope they finish busting them all soon and prompt! Good job to you both.

  5. Glad the husband can be the "lookout" guy - just tell him to stay safe and in the background!! Hopefully once the buyers get wind that they're all going to the "bed & breakfast" after a buy, they'll find another dealer! Good luck!

  6. I hope they never figure out who is feeding the cops the information. I mean we are not talking the Mexican drug cartels or anything but you really need to not let others know that you are talking to the police. Drug addicts and dealers are desperate and dangerous individuals.

    1. We are not telling anyone - other than our good neighbor - who's house we have been watching while he's been on vacation for 3 weeks.