Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Savings update

Payday was today and I was able to transfer $500 to savings of money left over from my previous paycheck. Yay me!  My current savings/EF now stands at $2546.  I'm feeling really good about this amount. It's certainly not enough to cover something major, like a job loss, but definitely a good amount for those Murphy visits....emergency vet bill, car problems or a house maintenance breakdown.

We haven't heard from the company owners yet on what our bonus program will be for 2014. At our meeting in December they said they were still working on the details and would let us know if in a few weeks. It's been a month so far, but no details yet.

It's been pretty darn quiet in our neighborhood since Sunday night. I've actually got to sleep all night the past 2 nights......without waking up to hear DH calling the cops or hearing him going outside to see what is going on. I know it won't last....the cockroaches will start coming out of the woodwork when they feel it's not so risky..but I'm going to enjoy it while it lasts.  I think our good neighbor is going to join in the fight soon. He is out of the country for most of this month and didn't want to start stirring up the pot before he was gone and leaving his house alone for 3 weeks. 


  1. $2546 is nothing to sneeze at!! Well done!! :) And yay for sleeping through the night... hope it stays safe out there! :(

  2. I need to get caught up on my savings too. Its hard to get caught up once you fall behind!