Friday, August 17, 2012


I've spent over $300 today on prescriptions.....please excuse me while I go throw up.......


  1. May I make you feel a 'little' better? I just spent $700 on repairs on one of my two remaining aging vehicles .......smh

  2. Just don't throw up the pill you just took!! ;-) I hear ya - hubby just had 2 new crowns put in - @ $900/each! I looked at him with BIG EYES and said, "There goes your BEER budget!!" :-0

  3. I'm not feeling better about it - haha! They are all DH's medicines. This has been a spendy month with all the prescriptions (now that I no longer have generics for $15) and $275 balance for DD's wisdom teeth out. And the bills are coming in for all the doctor's visits....sigh...

  4. Oh wow - I hear ya. Just wondering about your husbands undiagnosed chronic pain (which I, too, share) - has Pain Management doc ever suggested a TENS Unit? I was given one and have used it with some relief (for long car/plane trips - anytime I'm sitting for extended periods). Like him, I've tried so many things - Physical Therapy (at least 5 rounds of it!!, chiropractor, acupuncture, back support brace, etc. etc. etc in addition to all kinds of meds. As for his sleep - while I did get Ambien, Target sells an over-the-counter sleep aid that I'm using that seems to help me. I feel so bad for him - I know how frustrating it is with the docs not finding anything and then thinking "well, must be in my head" or "they must think I'm a nutjob, wanting all this attention!" NOT THE CASE! And quite honestly, when it first started and was such horrific pain (at 10 on the pain scale) I told my husband to hide the pain meds because I, too, was in a depression from the whole ordeal that I was afraid I would take too many in my desperation for relief. Nobody can really understand unless you've been there - tell him I COMPLETELY understand. He's NOT nuts - his pain is REAL. I've recently found that just walking - keep moving - and exercising (which I know is the LAST thing he wants to do!!) has been making me feel better. Have been using a machine at the Wellness Center that is called a "back extender" which strengthens my lower back muscles. I've been doing it for a month and a half. I am not giving up - I am much too young to give up (I'm not even 50). So I hope that he can find some relief - if he starts just sitting around too much it's going to get worse - and he really needs to work on his stress level (easy to say, I know). But that definitely adds to his pain level.

    1. Susie Q - You've pretty much hit the nail on the head. He comes back from doctors and tests that show nothing and feels like it's all in his head. I'm not sure what a TENS unit is, I'll have to check on that. He's tried alot of things, except acupuncture. He does take a prescription sleeping pill at night that is also supposed to help with pain and that has been helping him sleep better. I mentioned to him recently that I think he's going to have really bad days and some days will be tolerable. That's how my dad was with MS. He said realizing that now helps him get through the really bad days a little better.