Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Just waiting and waiting

I feel like we're all just hanging out here in limbo land...waiting for something to happen.  DH is waiting for the new medicine combination to start working, DS is waiting for a job offer so he can start working, DD is waiting to hear about her job interview....Me? I'm just waiting with them.

DH had an MRI yesterday that showed no irregularities, in fact, it was noted that he has less age related degeneration at his age then is often seen.  So, the fibromyalgia diagnosis will be sticking with him. He is currently on a medicine plan to gradually reduce (gradually, otherwise he'll have problems if he goes off it too fast) one medicine to a lower level and then double the Lyrica dosage and see how that helps. So, it will be several more weeks before we know if the increased dosage of Lyrica will help.

Over the weekend DS was told, by the guy he has been talking with about the job doing websites and computer repair, that he had an offer for him he thinks DS will like and wanted him to come in for another meeting on Monday, but didn't give him a time. He texted DS Monday morning and asked when he was free and DS said anytime. Then the guy must have gotten busy and he never called back. So, now it's Wednesday morning and DS still hasn't heard from him. He's getting pretty frustrated with it all to say the least.  He did manage to pick up another website job for an out of state friend that he was able to complete rather quickly, in just a few days, and there is an $800 check on it's way to him.

DD was told by the restaurant managers they'd make a decision mid week, so she is hoping for a call saying she got the hostess job. Grandma gave her $100 for some additional school clothes shopping and she's having a hard time spending it all! What a frugal kid she is! At least she found a pair of shoes she wanted and I won't have to buy them for her, as I had budgeted for at the end of this month.

Maybe between the 3 of them 1 of them will get some good news soon.

UPDATE: DD got the hostess job!! She starts on Friday :)


  1. I know what it feels like to wait and wait while you are waiting on others to make up their minds. It sucks! I just had to do this when my boyfriend was up for a new job. He didn't end up getting it but I hope your son does. Good luck!

  2. Sometimes waiting is the best ya can do. ;-)
    Your dd's frugalness will be a good thing in her life moving forward. I wish my youngest would develop the habit because it's become apparent he sure wasn't born with the frugal

    Glad she got the job!

  3. Congratulations to your daughter. I hope everything works out all the way around

  4. Such a blessing, hope your husband feels better soon, it must be so frustrating living with someone in constant pain. Is he on disability? Kind of a personal question so you don't have to answer it.

    1. Kim, no he hasn't been able to get disability. He tried about 8 or 9 years ago when he was seeing all the neurologists and having all the tests done. He was denied and we appealed and then he was denied as they said he could work 2 hours per day (who can support a family on a job you could find for 2 hours a day?!!), so not eligible. He was a very angry person back then and didn't want to pursue getting an attorney like I suggested several times, so I dropped discussing it with him. He was self employed for 20 years and the last few years he had his business he was trying to grow it and so we had alot of depreciation expenses to offset income and showed a loss those years. He wasn't incorporated so had no income and wasn't paying into soc. sec. Now, in hindsight that was not the way to do it at all! He should have incorporated and paid himself a salary to get the social security credits. Now, the past 10 years he never worked enough and when I just applied again - they say he isn't eligible because he doesn't have enough credits now. I think we are at least going to consult with an attorney to see if they can go back to the years he first started having his health problems and wasn't working enough to make a profit, but still had enough Soc. Sec. credits from prior years. Probably a long shot and too late now, but we'll see. It also doesn't appear he'd qualify for an SSI as I make too much.

  5. Wow that has got to be the hardest thing to have your husband in so much pain and not be able to do anything for him. Hopefully the docs will get his meds right.

  6. congratulations to your daughter on the new job