Friday, August 24, 2012

A new day

The lightbulb seems to have gone off in DH's head as far as nutrition and his health is concerned! Quite some months ago I mentioned to him that he should try going on a VERY healthy diet for a couple of months and see if that helps his symptoms any. What could it hurt? His response was he's miserable enough as it is, he at least wanted to be able to eat food he likes (which is double cheeseburgers, fries, potato chips, pop, Hostess get the picture).

This past month or two he's put on a few more pounds and is now up to 220 (6'0" height). A couple we know (both quite a bit overweight) has been doing the Visalus shake diet and the wife is now selling the product (that's a whole story in itself). She posts quite often about it on Facebook and DH mentioned a couple of months ago maybe he should try it to lose some weight, especially since he can't excercise to burn calories. I kind of blew him off for a couple of reasons.  One the cost, another being I didn't see a plan for how to eat after you've lost the weight and don't want to drink shakes the rest of your life. He'd just gain it all back if he went back to eating his normal crap.

DH mentioned it again this week and even sent the friend a message about it. We have agreed to have them come over this evening and give DH (and me) a sample shake and discuss it. At this point I'm willing to try anything DH is, especially if it's healthier than what he eats now.  I'll find out more details tonight but it appears the cost of 2 shakes a day (replacing 2 meals a day) will cost $99 for a month - so $25/wk for 14 of his meals. If I'm not buying regular food and snacks to feed him, it will probably be a wash.  There is also a vitamin pack that seems to be recommended for those who suffer from fibromyalgia and the like. Not sure of the cost of that, but I'm sure a good dose of vitamins would be very beneficial to him.  The friend that is coming over to show us these shakes has been doing it since February and has always suffered terrible migraines and was always sick. She hasn't had a migraine now since February and is feeling so much better.

Another friend (why do they always listen to someone else BUT their spouse??!) has sent him a couple of links, the latest being about a juicing recipe. I decided to strike while he's gung-ho about all this and go purchase a juicer. I knew from talking with our friend who passed away from cancer and had to live on a liquid diet for his last few months, that buying a better one would be smarter than a cheap one. While I can't afford $200 + I did find one at Macy's that was regularly $140 and online was showing on sale for $99. I got to the store and even better, it was on sale for $83! Stopped at the grocery store and bought a bunch of fruit and veggies and came home and made our very first ever glass of juice (carrots, apples and a few grapes). It was very good!  A "confession" note here: I did charge it on my Macy's card. It is the only credit card I still have after the bankruptcy and I do try to use it on occasion, hoping it will help my credit score.  Also, I have been spending so much on prescriptions I didn't want to use more of my savings right now on the juicer - so now I have 30 days or so before I have to pay for it all.

Dh even took a "before" picture of his big 'ol gut and is excited to start eating healthier. I will join him, as the pounds have been creeping on me the past year or so and I'd like to lose 10 pounds (and I'm a terrible exerciser) and get rid of this little jelly roll that has formed and not have my pants be so tight.

Fruits and veggies are pretty expensive, I see. (not that I would have known, I never bought a whole bunch at one time before!) and I keep reading that of course, organic is best for juicing, so you are not juicing the chemicals/pesticides, so that brings the price up more. I might have to check into a Costco membership (do they even have organic produce?) to help bring the cost of bulk produce down.

I think one of the main benefits of all this is will be mentally. If he thinks it helping it's going to help him feel better and more positive.


  1. I've been down this road too many times to count. I've found that drinking meals does not fulfill ones desire for food. I've been dieting and steadily losing weight buy eating whole foods and cutting portions way back. Breakfast is 1 egg and a piece of toast. Lunch is all the raw veggies I want, and dinner is any type of protein in a small portion ( 4 ounces) and as many veggies as I want.

    It's so hard to not eat sugar but I've been drinking vinegar water throughout the day and it really seems to help curb the sweet tooth.

    Good luck to you and your hubby. You can do it!

  2. Good job to you and your Dh on working towards getting healthier! Though I'm not sure on this semi liquid diet (as I've found they really are not as filling as just eating plain healthy), different things work for different bodies. Do keep us updated! For the juices and such, I've heard the eating of the actual fruit was actually better for you than drinking juices (calorie wise, most fruits have less overall calories than a glass of juice of the same fruit).
    @ Free: I've never heard of vinegar water... wonder how that helps against sweet tooth?

  3. I agree on the benefit of agreeing with whatever they think will help with their mental health...believe me I have heard some doozies. Good luck with the healthy eating, since DH dabbled in Atkins about 12 years ago..he cannot eat fruit, veggies without getting violently ill.
    Go figure...