Thursday, June 28, 2012

Thursday thoughts

I was all happy that with July brings the end of Dh's cell phone contract and I can switch him to a cheaper pay-as-you-go plan, like I am on. I was looking online at his account with Sprint and see that the contract actually ends August 31st. Drat! I had specifically remembered that the reason he had to get a new phone 2 years ago in July was because our vehicle got broken into and it was stolen.  But I think we waited a few weeks before we got him a new phone (that's how little he uses it) so, that put us into August.  Ah well - it'll be here soon enough and then I can cut that bill down from $43 to probably $10-20 a month.

My next 2 paychecks are really going to feel "short". I'm hourly and we are paid twice a month.  Tomorrow's paycheck is only an 80 hour pay period and I just realized, in looking at the calendar, that the July 15 paycheck is also only 80 hours. Those usually don't happen 2 in a row too often.  Most are 88 (with a few 96 hours thrown in there). So, I am really going to feel like money is short with approximately $400 less in take home pay, than I am used to, over the next month.  At least the July 31 pay check is 96 hours so I can catch up.

Dh wakes me up last night to tell me he forgot to tell me we are invited to a friends birthday party/bbq on the 4th.  I laughed and said when were you going to tell me - a few hours before? He thinks he tells me stuff all the time but really didn't.  This will be a good distraction for us that day as our previous 4th's were always spent with our best friend, who passed away last year.  He loved the 4th and always had a big BBQ and fireworks.  It will be good that we are busy this year, rather than sitting at home.


  1. Hello! I am a new reader, found you from Mysti's blog (diggingoutfromourmess). Anyway we have the same problems with appts and plans because I work days and hubby works nights, we talk in the morning while I get ready then in the afternoon while he gets ready. We always discuss the kids and how work was the night before but usually forget other stuff, like invitations out. Anyway to stop the last minute "oh shoot I forgot to tell you" mess we kept having we put a magnetic whiteboard on the fridge. We use half to write anything down that has run out, and the other half to leave messages for each other like when somone invites us for a play date or to dinner.

    1. Thanks for commenting! My Dh always wants to tell me things and remind me of things when he comes to bed at 1am! I wake up in the morning wondering if I dreamed it or not :-) I have finally gotten him (only took 20+ years) to write stuff down that he is getting low on or out of. Or he'll just leave the empty container on my desk. Which sometimes is better, because if it's something I don't buy often I know exactly what to get.