Friday, June 8, 2012

Job searches and doctor visits

My son's seasonal job technically ended May 1st or so, but they asked him to stay on for the few hours they have here and there for him throughout the summer. He agreed, but told them he was looking for full time work now that his 2 year degree program is finished next week.  We had hoped maybe he could get a little unemployment benefits due to the drastic cut in hours, but just found out today he is 95 hours short of the 680 hours needed. They can only calculate based on his hours reported through March 31st.  Dang!  The good news is this quarter is over in 3 weeks, which gives him enough total hours, and he can re-apply next month, if he still hasn't found work. I think it would give him about $138 a week, which would sure help him.

He's been applying for lots of IT jobs, but nothing is coming up, not even interviews. He has been making a little income on side jobs - computer repair work and website work.  When fall comes along and if he still hasn't found anything I will start pushing that at this point he's just going to have to take ANY full time job he can get, even if it's not in his field, even if it's not the money he wants to be making.  He can keep applying for jobs in his field, but with not going back to finish his 4-year degree at this time, he has to have some kind of job. I fear even that will be hard to find, in this current economy.  At least he has some work experience now and that helps a bunch.  Worse comes to worse he can go back to this seasonal part-time job when it picks up again in late Fall.  He may just decide to get his 4-year degree if he can't find work in the next few months.

I'm sure glad I'm not young and trying to start out in this economy.  Though I guess I'd rather be young trying to find a job than be my age and out of work looking! That would be so scary, especially being on one income.

I got the first explanation of benefits on the nerve conduction testing Dh had to have done.  With his high deductible ($3500) our share due to the doctor will be $645.  That will come out of the almost $3000 I have in savings.  I knew we were going to have some big doctor bills this year and that is why I just deposited those bonus's I got and didn't tell dh we had that money.  Now I can pay them right away and not have to make payment arrangements. I also plan to call them and ask if I can get any kind of discount by paying the balance in full.  I used to work at doctor's offices and that was standard practice to give people a discount for paying a big balance all at once, if they asked.  Next week he sees the neurologist at the University and then I will know more if we'll have to use the deductible all up.  We have $850 of the deductible met so far, so the most I'm going to be out is $2650 and after that it's just our co-insurance amount. 

I've been switching all Dh's prescriptions over to Target pharmacy, from Walmart. The prices are the same, but they are so much faster! I can drop off a new prescription and they have it ready in 10 minutes. When I go to pick up a refill there is never a line. At Walmart new prescriptions take at least 30 minutes or more to fill and I always have to stand in line (I hate standing in lines!) at least 15 minutes just to pick up a re-fill.  Plus, with Target I get "Pharmacy Rewards" of an extra 5% off a shopping trip for every 5 prescriptions filled. This is on top of the 5% I get using my Target Red Debit card.


  1. Two of my kids are computer science engineering majors away at college and they are both telling me that employers are writing to the heads of their respective departments searching for new grads to hire. That sounds promising to me. Unfortunately, neither one of my kids are close to graduating so I hope the employers are still looking in two years' time. I will be happy when these college days are behind us LOL because it's expensive but what can you do? Good luck to your son ... he sounds like a bright kid.