Friday, June 29, 2012

Just wonderful..........

%$#!  Just got a letter in the mail from the health insurance company I have Dh and the kids on.  Due to new state laws they either have to add brand name drugs to the generic prescription coverage on the plan or drop prescription coverage altogether.  They are dropping prescription coverage.  I can either take the "new" plan (without prescription coverage) at about the same monthly rate I've been paying, or choose the one plan they do offer that has prescription coverage - at a 117% increase in monthly premiums!  Plus it wouldn't cover the drugs as much as it has been covering.

Without insurance Dh's drugs would cost $540 a month.  I've been paying $30 ($15 copay each).  I pay $236 a month in insurance premiums for just Dh (plus more for the kids) and the other plan would be $511 a month just for Dh. Plus I'd have to pay 20% of the $540 medications.  Did I say #$@& yet?!!

If I switch to another insurance company I'll lose out on the almost $2000 of his $3500 deductible I have met so far this year and have to start over on the deductible.  #&%$!

So, it looks like I get to spend the weekend researching all my options and see all what plans are available that have prescription coverage.


  1. I know Walmart and Walgreens have Rx plans for those without coverage....would that help at all?

    1. Mysti - the only info I can find at Walmart (this is just looking online) is the $4 generics, which I do use on one med. I do see Walgreens has a "prescription savings program" that cost $20 a year. I will check into that more.