Tuesday, June 26, 2012

And still no referral

And I am still waiting on the referral for Dh to see the pain management specialist! How hard can this be? Don't answer - I know - I used to work for some doctor's offices.  It's NOT!  Dh had his appointment at the University neurology 2 weeks ago yesterday.  The Dr said she didn't do pain management and wanted to refer him to another doctor in the University. She and the intern walked out.  The intern walked back in with the discharge paperwork, including a referral. We asked to be referred to someone closer to home (we live near a fairly large city that has several of these types of doctors). The intern went back out to ask the doctor and came back in with a name written on one of the other papers with Dh's "discharge" packet.

We go to checkout at the front desk and I explain to the girl we need the referral to the doctor listed on the one sheet, not the one at the University.  She apparently ignored me because 4 days later the University calls to schedule the appointment.  Last Monday I called the neurology clinic to ask the status of the referral to the correct doctor and nothing had been done. I had to give them all the information again and was told it would get taken care of soon and someone would call to let me know it was done.

Yesterday I called again.  After I explained 3 times that I had already called last week and given them the information they needed to do this she finally looked it up in their system and saw the notes where I called and where they were to call me back (notes sent to the referral dept). She then transfers me to the referral department, who then acts like they have no clue what I need. I finally told her to take the time to look it up and she'd see the info from where I called last week! Then she said she'd have to get the doctor to ok this....oh my freakin' god!

I finally just told her if it wasn't going to get done today then never mind.  I'll just get a hold of Dh's primary care physician and have him do the referral. Where I hung up, got online with our primary care doctor and requested the referral.

Oh and did I mention this university hospital billed the insurance Dh had when he was there 8 years ago?  We gave them his new card info when we checked in.

And this place is supposed to be the premier place to get medical help?? What a joke it has been every time we have been there. All the while Dh has not had any adjustments to his pain med's now for 3 1/2 months and what he's taking isn't working too well. 

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