Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Amazon shopped today

Product DetailsI have an old black wood rocking chair.  It's nothing fancy and pretty old (looks just like this one in the picture except at some point and time my mom painted it black. I can't remember what color it was before that). At one time it belonged to my grandparents, passed on to my mom, who then passed it on to me) but looks kind of cute in my living room.  About the only time it gets sat on is by the cat or if there is too much company and we need the seating.  It's a little creaky - but mostly it is just for looks for the most part.  I have another old wood antique chair, too, (not a rocker) and it's seat cushion is next to be replaced. It's just a bottom cushion so it shouldn't be any problem finding something at a local store for cheap.  I searched high and low for rocking chair cushions at local stores but found nothin'.

The old cushions were 20 years old and dirty and stained. I did try washing them in the washing machine but it just didn't work out.  So, it's been sitting there looking rather forlorn with no cushions.  I recently got my (2) $5 Amazon gift cards from Swagbucks and applied that to the total cost.  Everything I had been looking at online was at least $50 and closer to $60. I wanted something in the "red" color wheel this time.  The old cushions were blue.  My couch is kind of a greenish brown and our recliner is dark brown.  I wanted something in the room with a pop of color this time. I'll have to keep the cat off of it - his white and orange fur won't quite match!

And best of all after my $10 discount I got it for $28 and shipped free. 

Dh is on the lookout for a used desk on craigslist. He is tired of sitting at the little desk in the dining room.  The family room (where my desk cubicle is) is getting cleaned out of the big items (we sold one large entertainment center on craigslist and the other one is supposed to be going to Ds's girlfriend for her new college apartment) and there will be room for a desk in the window corner. He's looking for something fairly nice and we've set a budget for $200.  He found a nice cherry desk for $200 (ad said originally $900) but it had just been sold minutes before he called!  I'm very happy he has changed his old ways and doesn't have a problem with buying used things now. 

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