Sunday, September 18, 2011

The week in review

It was kind of a bad week.  No real reason, other than I think I only cooked dinner one night! The rest were take out nights.  Ugh!  Nothing at all sounded good to eat and I just didn't feel like cooking.  Plus, I was all "off" all week on what day it was as Tuesday I had to work from home because dh had his cyst removed and then I went into the office on Wednesday, plus I was there most all day instead of my usual hours, so I was extra tired when I got home (and the 1 1/2 hour commute that morning didn't help).  I've just felt "off" all week.  I guess the extra I spent on take out all week was offset by the $90 planned spending I didn't end up spending this weekend, due to the rainy weather canceling our plans.  I tried to do a few coupon deals today at Target and even that was a partial fail.  My brain just doesn't seem to be in it - that and I had both kids with me and ds's girlfriend as distractions.  The young cashier kid was running my coupons thru so fast I think he missed one of them and I missed giving him the 2 coupons to make the cat treats free.

I did make dinner last night and tonight's dinner is meatloaf.  Now if I can just keep it up after getting home from work the rest of the week. 

Oh, and the house finally got painted! Well, at least most if it painted.  They tried to come yesterday morning to finish up all the trim but it was pouring rain so now they are trying for tomorrow, which is supposed to be dry for a few days.  This painter is so flakey, I'll be surprised if he comes back this week :-(  But, it looks really nice so far and I really like the new color.

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