Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I hate our new health insurance

GRRR! I'm in a grumbly mood today.  This new health insurance through work (United Healthcare) just keeps getting worse and worse.  First my chiropractor, who I've been seeing for over 4 years, isn't contracted with them.  He agrees to take the $20 copay and reduced out of network reimbursement.  Then I get the EOB from my visit with him and come to find out there is no $20 copay for out of network - it's a $1000 deductible to be met first before they'd start reimbursing him at out of network rates.  So, he'd get nothing from them for seeing me.

Then I just saw the online EOB for the labwork my IN-network doctor sent to the lab they use (Quest - a lab I think every doctor I have ever seen in the past 25 years has used and it has never been a problem with any insurance I have had).  Turns out this lab is not contacted with UHC, so now I owe them $87!  Who thinks to ask their doctor who they are sending the labwork out to? Do we even get a choice in who they use?  Supposedly we have this "middle man" type of company to use as the go between for us and UHC, and I have a call into them, but I'm not seeing a resolution in my favor.  I want Premera back!!!

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