Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A possible job...

Ds has a possible job in the works.  He applied for a part time entry level IT position with company right here in our town.  He got called today for a phone interview, which he thought went well and the guy said he would get with his boss to schedule an in-person interview.  Hours would be anywhere from 20-40 per week and they would work around Ds's school schedule (which is usually night classes, sometimes a late afternoon class).

It would be so helpful if he could get a part-time job!  He could start paying his own car insurance, all his gas and maybe even his health insurance.  Minimum savings of $130 per month to me for the insurances and whatever I end up chipping in for his gas if he is short.

At the same time he was telling me all about his phone interview his phone rang and it was another company calling that he had responded to their ad for someone to design their website for their restaurant.  He will meet with them next Monday, so sounds like he will make a little from that side job.  Hopefully, things are looking up around here - I sure could use the help to my monthly expense budget!

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