Friday, September 2, 2011

Painting prep

We're getting closer!  This morning 2 of Dh's best friends came over and washed the house and cleaned with a bleach solution to prep it for painting.  They were here about 3 hours, so I fed 'em lunch.  At first I was just thinking "well, I guess I'll go get Subway - it's the least I could do to repay them".  Then Dh suggested that I just make my club sandwiches that everyone loves.  Why didn't I think of that?! Subway would've cost me about $35 and this way I probably spent $5.  Sometimes Dh has a frugal moment or two.

The rest of the day we have spent pulling off old trim that is rotting on the backside of our house.  Unfortunately, when we pulled some away from the kitchen window we found the siding rotted through all the way.  So, off to Home Depot went the kids and I.  $75 later we had some new siding boards, some caulk and some z-flashing (ok, now I know what that is, LOL).  Sounds like the painter guy will be here sometime next week, as the weather is supposed to stay nice and sunny for a good week.  I can't wait to have a newly painted house! We are going from a blue house (and garage and shed) with white trim to a "Mocha Suede" color and off white and "potting soil" for the trim areas.  I think it sure will spruce up the place and is long overdue.

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