Sunday, September 25, 2011

Another week gone by

The week went pretty well, other than I can't seem to find many good coupon deals lately and the one's I try end up getting messed up.  I went to Safeway for a few things they had store coupons for, one being MD bath tissue (dh is picky about this, as he is most things he eats or uses, sigh...). The store coupon was for $1.50 off.  Well, after I got home and was looking at my receipt I noticed the cashier somehow missed that coupon.  I tried to stop in the store the next morning on my way to work, but the customer service counter didn't open until 9am and then I was even more frustrated and just said forget it - $1.50 is not worth anymore of my time to try and get a refund.

I did great on making dinners at home this past week.  Only got fast food twice and the total for the week was only $18, once for dh and dd and then once for dh.  Ds was in school all week, so not home for dinner.  Then Friday I made french dip sandwiches, Saturday was a chicken sandwich ring and tonight was tuna casserole.  Tomorrow we will have french dip again (just 3 of us for dinner) to use up the roast beef.

The painters finished the house and garage so that project is complete.  The painter had agreed for us to pay him half of the $1800 now and the balance this coming Friday.  Then I will be broke again!  And I have about $800-900 in doctor bills coming due for dh's visits and surgery.  Guess those won't be able to be paid until the end of October paycheck, but I haven't receive the doctors statements yet, just saw the insurance eob's, so hopefully they will be due then anyway.  I have worked at doctors offices in the billing departments in the past and we were more than willing to work out a 2 or 3 month payment plan with patients, so if worse comes to worse, budget wise, I'll make the call and see if they will do that for me.

Dd and I went to the state fair on Saturday morning.  She had a free ticket from school and I bought a discounted ticket ($9) at Walgreens.  We took the bus from the mall, so saved $4 over parking costs at the fair parking lots.  Other than that we only spent a few dollars on scones.  The rest of the time we just walked around and looked at all the animals and exhibits.  After 3 hours we were both getting tired and my legs and hips were worn out so we headed home.

Other things we had hoped to happen this week seem to have fallen through.  We thought we had a serious buyer for my 2004 car we have for sale and that fell through and then thought we might sell it today to another party but they decided to keep looking.  Seems everyone has this "$5000" price in their head, probably their own ceiling of spending, but we just aren't willing to go down that low.  Ds had a job interview that seemed to go pretty well and they are hiring for 3 positions, so thought he had a good shot.  They sounded like they would let him know Thurs or Friday but no call, so he probably didn't get it :-(  Disappointing as it was only a few miles from home and would've been a great part time job for him to get some IT experience in.

Ds had a bit of a sore throat and cold last week and now dd seems to have come down with it today.  Typical start of school sick germs, I guess.  Hopefully, I don't catch it!

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