Friday, September 9, 2011

At least it's Friday

that's about all today seems to have going for it.  Our flakey painter of course blew us off for painting our house today...."maybe next week".  We sure can pick em, huh?  But, since this guy came recommended by a good friend we thought maybe we'd get lucky for a change.  Our friend was so mad when he found out last night that the painter blew us off that I guess he called him and gave him a piece of his mind.  I sure was looking forward to staring at my newly painted house all weekend....and my neck still hurts from all the work I helped on getting the house ready for the painter.

I did get my desk finally cleaned up (though todays papers and work seem to be taking over!). I came home the other day to everything on my desk in about 3 stacks.  It seems Ds was working on the router and decided to move it away from the Comcast modem (suggested by Comcast) so just took everything on my desk and put it into 3 piles! I went through them all and filed what needed to be filed, put all my loose coupons in a pretty box.  Much improved :-)

If I can make it through fixing dinner at home tonight I will have made it the whole week with last night being the only take out dinner! (It was only for dh - the rest of us ate at home).  I think that's a first for me.  Dd wants to go to the high school football came this evening and we'll probably have to leave about 5:30 to pick up her friends first.  Not sure what to make for dinner that we can make and eat quickly before she goes.  I have made up my grocery shopping list for tomorrow and planned out 6 dinner meals, so hopefully I can stick with it again next week. I also listed what items I'm price matching at Walmart. It's gotta help the budget.  These next few months always seem extra tight with both kids birthdays and Christmas.

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