Monday, March 1, 2010


I'm sure the experts are correct - a cluttered home corresponds with cluttered finances.  I have never been a very good housekeeper.  There's clutter and there are piles.  I stack papers in piles..on m desk, on my dresser, on top of file cabinets - you get the picture.  And we've had lots of clutter, especially in our family room which became the catch all for "too much stuff". 

I've been working at it though, both in the house and financially.  But, it's a been a slow process - over a year and a half.  We started with our family room, which when the kids were little was the "play room", with our "office" area in one corner.  The summer before last we finally tackled it - taking loads of stuff to Goodwill. For the most part it's stayed fairly clean, though it is still what I would consider cluttered because there are tons of trophy's that Dh will not part with (they belong to the kids)

The past few weeks I've been trying to make sure I use some of my weekend time (or weekday evening time, if I'm not too tired) to at least get one little decluttering project done.  So far I have cecluttered our laundry room, cleaned my bathroom counter top of all the stuff, cleaned off a dresser top filled with papers, straightened up my night stand and cleaned off all the clothes laying on the cedar chest.  Who knew - underneath all those clothes was an antique sewing machine! LOL.  So far, it's all stayed clean.

This weekend I had an idea for the kids cluttered small bathroom (which also serves as the guest bathroom).  As Dd says, it's all her brothers stuff! So Dd and I headed off to Lowe's and purchased a nice oak medicine cabinet to hang on the wall and get all the stuff covering every inch of the counterspace up inside. It looks wonderful! So nice and clean :-)

Not sure what the next little area will be - my desk area really really needs it, but that might have to be broken into a couple of project times.  It'll be interesting to see how this uncluttered home affects our finances.

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