Friday, March 19, 2010

Extra Income

Dh managed to profit about $140 from ebay sales this past 2 weeks, so that is welcome money.  I received a $100 visa debit/gift card in the mail as a rebate on Ds's contacts.  I guess these are the new way to do rebates now, instead of a check.  I much prefer the check.  I did get online with Visa to see exactly how to use the card, since I'd never be able to get what I'm purchasing to come out to exactly at $100.  I guess I'm just supposed to tell the cashier I want $100 put on the card before I have them try to run it for the full purchase amount.  I think I'll just use this at Walmart when I'm buying groceries this afternoon. I always go to the same checker - he's awesome and friendly and seems pretty smart, so he probably won't screw it up LOL.

I don't think I posted that he also sold the other big piece of equipment he had left to sell from his business. He got $3000 for it (was asking $3500).  He has one more thing for sale for $750 and a guy came and looked at it the other day, and seemed really interested, but we haven't heard back from him.  Dh hasn't done anything with the $3000 yet.  He has been wanting to buy an older pickup, something we can haul, pull a trailer with and also something more decent for Ds to drive, other than this 24 yr old car that isn't too reliable. So, he's just going to keep looking for a really good deal, I think...though it's really hard for him to hold onto money just sitting there in front of him! I honestly can't believe I married someone so opposite of me on money.


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