Wednesday, March 17, 2010

No disability income

Back several years ago when Dh was seeing doctors here there and everywhere, he tried to apply for disability with Social Security. Of course he was denied (I've heard they deny everyone up front).  He appealed and was then denied based on their conclusion he could work 2 hrs a day.  Hallelujah! He could support his family on a job he could find that was 2 hrs a day! NOT! By then he gave up and I couldn't convince him to use an attorney to fight it (nor did we even have the money at the time to get an attorney to fight it).

I just got his annual Social Security statement in the mail the other day.  According to this he is no longer even eligible to get disability - he doesn't have enough "credits" for the past 10 yrs. Most of those years he was showing a loss on his income tax return for the business (or very little income) and several years of no income at all.  Well, that's just great. He's worked for the most part since he was 16 yrs old and can't get anything because technically he didn't make any money the last 10 yrs. But then on the one page it says "even a young person, who has worked as few as 2 yrs, may be able to get disability.  He shows income 22 out of 29 yrs of work and isn't eligible anymore?

That is very disappointing news, as we had been talking recently that he was willing to start going back to the doctors (not expecting any change in that they can't figure out what is wrong with him), but at least to get the ball rolling so he could get an attorney to apply and fight for disability.  We were thinking even a $1000 a month would sure be helpful.

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