Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Moving Day

I took yesterday off work to help my mom get my grandma all moved into her her assisted living apartment.  What an exhausting day! It's only a little studio apartment, with a bedroom alcove, still lots of stuff to unpack and put away.  At nearly 92 Grandma couldn't do much to help, other than to tell us exactly how to do things :-)

It's a very nice place and I think she will do well there, especially for eating, since they do all her meals.  I think she has tended to not eat a lot living on her own as she doesn't feel like cooking or doesn't know what sounds good to eat.  In my opinion, that probably contributes quite a bit to the days she doesn't feel so well.  She had a few things she grumbled about yesterday (the brand new carpet looks "dirty" - it's a taupe brown that kind of shows light and dark in the texture, her apartment key was hard to get out of the lock) , but all in all I think she'll settle in. It is such a relief knowing she is safe and looked after at all times now - and will give my mom back some free time she needs after spending years being my dad's caretaker. Plus she is closer to us, so less driving time to go see her.

Speaking of Mom - she is the BEST!  I paid her off one of the loans we had from her.  I still owe her $3,000, but that's a whole lot better than the $9,350 the balance was at! I reminded her that a year ago I borrowed $648 to pay Dd's braces in full.  She said not to worry about it. She also turned around and handed me back $1000 - $500 for each of the kids to save for their own vehicles.  So that went right into their savings accounts.

Driving home from Grandma's new place yesterday, I was so tired and decided to stop and get fast food, rather than make dinner at home.  But, as I got closer to home, I talked myself out of doing that. I figured I could just as easily make us some soup, salad, and sandwiches.  So, I saved at least $16 by not going to get take out.  I'm working from home today, so this morning I put a pot roast in the crockpot for tonights dinner. Later I'll get some bread going in the bread machine. It will smell good in our home today!

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