Saturday, March 27, 2010

Hectic week

It's been kind of a stressful, hectic week.  With my 91 yr old Grandma all moved into her new assisted living apartment, we thought things would settle down a little now. much for that idea.  Grandma has been a total "poop" about the whole new living situation.  Absolutely nothing about it makes her happy.  My poor Mom was beside herself for the first week.  Finally just deciding the situation just called for some "tough love"on her part.  Then Monday, after dinner, my Grandma was heading back up to her apartment and fell in the elevator.  She was inside as another was trying to get in and the door was starting to shut. Out of instinct Grandma put her wobbly little arm out to try and stop the door - bad idea - as she certainly doesn't have the strength for that and down she went and hit her head.  They called the paramedics and then tried to call my Mom (who wasn't home) and then called me. She was ok, other than a scrape to her elbow and a little bump on her head and didn't have to go to the hospital. (though now her whole arm is a big bruise)

The rest of this past week went downhill from there, with Grandma complaining even more about her new home and eating less than the little she normally eats.  On Thursday my Mom finally just took her to her place to stay through this weekend, to try and get her to eat, rest, and get some strength back.  I feel so bad for my mom in having to deal with this.  This is a VERY nice assisted living complex.  My Grandma is getting a little bit forgetful of current things, but is by no means not mentally capable of knowing/understanding that she can't live on her own any more.  It's just so surprising that she is being so negative about it all.  Before the fall in the elevator both my mom and I had decided that my Mom just really needed to let my Grandma be "on her own" a bit more now than the first week (where my mom was spending every single day with her, sometimes over there twice a day) - to let her get adjusted/used to the routine there, while my Mom could finally get some much needed time to her own life.

At her old house, Grandma basically just sat by herself most all day. My Mom would drive to see her about 4 (sometimes 5) days a week, usually spending half the day with her.  Now she is at a place filled with people to visit with at any time and my mom is closer to drive to see her.  She told my Mom she didn't like this place because "she's lonely"! Oh brother!  It seems she's just complaining about anything she can think of regarding her new home.  Guess we'll see what happens next week.  Mom says she's taking her back and not going over there every single day like she has been.  Mom just keeps saying to me "I hope I'm not like that to you when I get that old and have to move!"  So am I, LOL.

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