Monday, March 1, 2010

Grandma update

Good news - my grandma's little mobile home sold and we found her an apartment at an assisted living place fairly nearby.  It'll be less than a 10 min drive for my mom and probably 15 min for me to go see her.  I haven't seen the place yet.  The place we had first looked at ended up increasing the price $500 per month after my mom got more interested in it. 

Grandma is a little stressed with all the change coming.  I'm sure once she gets settled in and in a routine she will do fine.  I know she doesn't even realize how depressing living all alone and being alone so much of the time really is making her.  I think being around other folks and having help to care for her will do wonders for her. AND is will be so much easier on my mom, who less than a year ago lost my dad to a very long bout with MS, stroke, etc.  She was trying to be full time caregiver to my dad and part time caregiver to my grandma at the same time.  It wore her out and I didn't want to see her becoming full time caregiver to my grandma now.

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